Watch as power station meets its thunderous end after it is spectacularly demolished by 50kg of explosives

By Scunthorpe Telegraph | Posted: 23 Nov 2017

A northern Lincolnshire power station met its end yesterday (November 22) as it was demolished by 50kg of dynamite.

Following a planning application being submitted to level the station, the power station was brought down today.

Hundreds of people, including some on the North Bank, heard and felt the loud bang as the chimneys of Killingholme Power Station suddenly met a thunderous end.

The towers at Killingholme A, which was mothballed in March 2016 after 22 years in operation, were toppled in a matter of seconds by around 50kg of high explosives on Wednesday morning.

The site was bought from Centrica by C.Gen who are expected to begin development of a new gas-fired power station in 2018 ahead of a potential commissioning in 2021.

The first explosion as Killingholme A Power Station begins to topple (Image: Mick England)

After a video of the demolition was posted on Facebook, a number of people reported hearing the explosions, with one in Hedon, near Hull, saying it “shook houses”.

Following the abrupt demise the former power plant, one engineer at the site described feeling “a little bit sad” at seeing it reduced to a pile of rubble.

C.Gen decommissioning engineer Mick England said: “It was all well planned and carried out safely by the demolition company, it was not as dusty as we thought it would be.

“All in all it was a great feeling when the charges went off, the building started to fall and the chimneys fell. I have worked at the site for 14 years in an operational position and it was a little bit sad to see it go down.”

After the explosions, Killingholme A Power Station quickly toppled to the ground (Image: Mick England)

Following Wednesday’s demolition, a spokesperson for C.Gen Killingholme Ltd, said: “The white towers that were visible from the surrounding area were brought down by a controlled explosion this morning, which was carried out successfully.

“The demolition of the power station is proceeding according to programme and we anticipate it will be competed in April 2018.”

Earlier this year, we reported on how C.Gen Killingholme is planning to enter the £250 million project into the 2017 Capacity Market Auction, with 35 permanent jobs and hundreds in construction on the table.

Within a few second, Killingholme A Power Station was reduced to rubble (Image: Mick England)

The 470MW combined cycle gas turbine station is being lined up for the December bidding process, which allocates contracts to supply the National Grid with electricity in future years.

The new project will give C.Gen secure connections to the electrical and high pressure gas grids. It also provides “the opportunity to develop other new energy projects” on the 50-acre site.

The plant was granted a Development Consent Order by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in September 2014.

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