Understand How To Prepare For An Emergency On a Wind Farm

By HFR Solutions CIC | Posted: 8 Aug 2018

A comprehensive white paper providing a complete overview of windfarm emergency preparation has been produced by HFR Solutions, a leading emergency preparation and workplace safety company who specialise in emergency response, offshore medical response and the delivery of training such as GWO courses.

This White Paper provides a complete overview and highlights all the practical steps, covering all the following key points such as;

  • How well prepared is your organisation?
  • Where do you begin when developing an emergency response plan?
  • Review your status
  • How to choose the right specialist emergency response support
  • What to expect from your review

Whichever way you look at it, planning to deal with an emergency on a wind farm is essential.

Workforce welfare and maintaining business continuity

Effective planning and preparation will help ensure the welfare of your workforce and maintain business continuity. It has been recognised that the industry would benefit from its own set of best practice guidelines on emergency response, due to the work undertaken at height and in restricted spaces.

Emergency response plans should be living and breathing documents that are tested and reviewed on a regular basis.

How well prepared is your organisation?

• When were your emergency response plans last tested?

• What lessons did your organisation learn?

• Have improvements been implemented?

This thorough document provides all the simple steps to start the planning process from the identification of your location and making a list of the potential incidents that have the possibility to cause harm as well as ensuring all sufficient resources are available, personnel are suitably trained and your procedures are tested and updated where necessary.

Review Your Status

Unless you are confident that your emergency response plans are robust, that you have sufficient resources and your workforce is suitably trained, you should review your status. This will mean that you have to take the appropriate steps to improve the level of incident response provision or the wider process.

Emergency Response Plans are not just a requirement, they save lives.

To Be Better Prepared, Obtain Your Copy Today

To obtain your complimentary copy of HFR Solutions White Paper entitled - How to prepare for an emergency on a wind farm, please contact HFR Solutions on 01482 398521 or customer@hfrsolutions.co.uk

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