Top 30 Under 30 awards can help construction firms tackle stigma

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 28 Dec 2018

Construction firms in Hull are being urged to tackle stigma in the industry by entering their best young talent into the Top 30 Under 30 awards.

The sector has hit the headlines on a number of occasions this year, perhaps most prominently when construction slipped out of the top 10 most popular careers for young people.

Simon Jones, founder of the Top 30 Under 30 awards, is now challenging construction companies to nominate young employees who could “dispel the negatives” surrounding the industry.

The awards, which will take place next April, will highlight 30 of the most exciting young employees from across Hull and East Yorkshire.

There is now less than a month to go to enter people for the awards, as the deadline of January 18 looms.

Mr Jones said: “Since we launched the awards for a second year, we have had a really good response. What has been particularly good is the amount of new organisations looking to get involved.

There is a growing skills shortage in the construction sector

“We demonstrated last year that we can provide real value to the companies that take part, and many of them are supporting us again.

“The sector that interests me most this year is the construction sector. We had one person last year, and that was a maintenance role rather than construction in its traditional form.

“It would be great to have some faces that can represent the industry and dispel the negatives around the roles.”

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The 2018 Top 30 Under 30 list included names from businesses such as ABP, MKM, The One Point, Smith & Nephew and Victoria

Winners in 2019 will not only make the prestigious Top 30 Under 30 list, but will also earn themselves a place on the LEAP programme – giving them the chance to learn from some of the region’s biggest names in business.

MKM is the UK's largest independent builders’ merchant

Mr Jones said talks were ongoing with the police and NHS, in a bid to secure some nominations from public sectors.

He said the awards provided a perfect platform for industries to shine.

“We want to tackle the stigmas that industries face. In construction for example, we think it is all low-paid and low-skilled jobs, and that is just not the case.

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“I would like to represent these groups a bit more. I think these awards are perfect for the construction sector, because it has stigmas to tackle.

“The industry has lots of skilled people who are heading towards retirement, and at the moment there are not enough young people following on behind them.

Watch: Simon Jones talking about the Top 30 Under 30 awards

Construction is a big, big part of business in the region, and we need to see it represented,” he said.

Businesses must enter their chosen employee for this year’s event before the deadline of Friday, January 18.

The employee must be under 30 on December 31, 2018.

The 2019 Top 30 Under 30 list will be revealed in March, before a special awards night to celebrate their achievements will take place at the KCOM Stadium on April 12.

To nominate an employee who you think deserves to make the list, visit

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