This simple idea could solve Hull's A63 traffic gridlock nightmare

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 11 Dec 2018

Break downs and accidents on the A63 are damaging for business in the city, a top organisation has warned.

There is currently no system in place to quickly remove stranded vehicles from the main road in and out of Hull.

Lengthy tailbacks are a familiar site on the dual-carriageway, but the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce is now calling for action in a bid to keep business going.

Albert Weatherill, Shipping and Transport Committee chairman, said: “Hull is very sensitive to traffic and a minor shunt on the A63 can quickly lead to a gridlocked city. It has happened several times this year and it has a worrying effect on the Port of Hull and the wider city.

“With the growth in freight traffic we are seeing, this road is getting busier and busier and we really need to see if something can be done to clear any obstructions from the carriageway more rapidly.

A63 traffic. (Richard Addison)

“There are no hard shoulders in either direction and if broken down or damaged vehicles were quickly pulled into the nearest lay-by, at least the traffic can get moving again, especially at peak times.

“We are calling on Humberside Police and Highways England to see if a rapid recovery system can be put into place to clear accidents and breakdowns more effectively.

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“We need some breakdown trucks on call and a police escort to get them to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible.”

The call was made at the Chamber’s most recent transport committee meeting, when the A63 came in high on the agenda.

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Members of the business body voiced serious concerns about the number of times in recent months a broken down vehicle, or a minor accident, had quickly led to traffic backing up into the city of Hull, causing widespread gridlock and affecting business.

Sally Booker, head of North Sea UK Ports for P&O Ferries, echoed the committee’s call for action.

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She said: “It is very important that the traffic in and out of the port is kept flowing at all times. Queues of traffic can lead to drivers missing ferries or goods not getting to their destinations on time.

“We feel strongly that something needs to be done now to ensure that traffic in and out of Hull is kept moving so that accidents and incidents on the A63 don’t hinder business in the city or the Port of Hull."

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