This East Yorkshire internet firm has taken over another network

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 Dec 2017

An East Yorkshire broadband provider has taken over more than 1,000 new customers after buying out a Yorkshire competitor.

Quickline Communications, based in Hessle, has completed the acquisition of North Yorkshire based CLANNET network with immediate effect.

The deal comes shortly after Quickline itself was acquired in an £8m deal by Satellite Solutions Worldwide (SSW). Its own acquisition has allowed the firm to invest heavily in network capacity and reliability.

This move secures the future of the CLANNET network, by becoming part of a global leader in the delivery of alternative superfast broadband services.

More upgrades will be available for customers as a result of the move, and Quickline says this was an ideal opportunity for growth across the region.

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Steve Jagger, managing director of Quickline, said: "We are delighted to have completed on this latest acquisition as it enables us to progress with significant growth opportunities in other areas of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and beyond.

“Utilising state-of-the-art wireless technology, we are in an excellent position to rival traditional telecoms in hard to reach and densely populated areas, as the technology requires less investment and is much quicker to install.

"Quickline continues to work with communities to invest in areas where demand gives us an opportunity and, having recently joined together with SSW, it gives us even greater potential to ensure the UK has access to superfast broadband.”

Nick Hall, managing director of CLANNET, said: “Since connecting our first 20 subscribers in 2002, we have grown from a simple idea to a business with over 1,000 customers throughout the Vale of York and beyond.

Superfast broadband is coming to around 50 new locations.

“After a great deal of thought, we felt it was in the best interest of our customers to hand over the reins to Quickline Communications, who have a great reputation for delivering broadband services county wide.

“Geographically, 90 per cent of North Yorkshire still remains without a proper broadband service while our dependence on the fourth utility grows daily, the challenge is huge.

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“Now that I am winding down for retirement and my fellow director Dean Welbourn is seeking new opportunities, we believe Quickline will play a significant role in taking North Yorkshire’s broadband programme forward.

“We are sincerely grateful to all the people who have helped us along the way; our local champions, our node hosts and those that have helped spread the word about CLANNET and how we can help. We are always amazed at what a community can achieve when it works together.”

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