This computer whizz is one of Hull's most exciting young talents

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 4 Jan 2019

He’s been earmarked as one of Hull’s most exciting tech prospects, and at the age of 15, is already passing on his knowledge to his teachers.

But 15-year-old Javid Mann seems to have his feet planted firmly on the ground.

A pupil at Hull’s Ron Dearing UTC– a college aimed at providing students with the skills they need to enter the world of work – Javid is surrounded by some of the brightest young brains in the city.

Yet it is Javid’s work that has caught the eye of a host of Hull’s top business figures.

“It all started when I was five or six years old, and I started playing online games on the Doctor Who website,” Javid said.

Javid Mann is one of the city's most exciting young tech talents. (Richard Addison)

“Eventually I got bored of that, and moved onto other things. I got really obsessed with old versions of software, and old computers.

“I found my dad’s old computer with Windows 98 on, and started messing around with that.”

Javid has now become a whizz with some of the most complicated computer software going.

A former pupil at Kelvin Hall School in Hull, Javid made the switch to Ron Dearing UTC.

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Attracted by the college’s digital and tech focus, the teenager is now studying Digital Technology and Systems Control Engineering.

More recently, he has worked with miniature robots, programming them to light up, move around and dance.

As if that’s not enough, Javid has also been “teaching the teachers” how to use the gadgets.

Javid Mann is a pupil at Ron Dearing UTC. (Richard Addison)

With ambitions to pursue a career in programming, Javid has already attracted a lot of interest.

In September, he was announced as Hull’s Junior Digital Champion at the 2018 Digital Awards.

He has also been given a key to the city’s C4DI building– an innovative centre packed full of some of Hull’s best digital businesses.

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David Keel, Hull’s Digital Ambassador, is just one of Javid’s admirers.

He said: “We want people who are the future of Hull, and the future of the digital industry, to have a reason to stay in the city.

“If Javid wants to stay here, there will be a place where he can be alongside like-minded digital people, who can share ideas and pass knowledge on.

David Keel presents Javid Mann with the Junior Digital Champion award at the 2018 Digital Awards. (Richard Addison)

“We also want people to realise there is a third option for young people, alongside going to university or getting an apprenticeship.

“That option is becoming your own boss, and being an employer rather than an employee.

“It is so important to the whole economy. Javid has been learning in the best possible way, using old computers. Modern iPhones and Playstations are almost impossible to programme and play with.

“It is quite funny that old computers are now being used to teach young people about software.”

Javid has already completed work experience at Hull’s Spencer Group – creating a chatbot at the engineering firm.

Ron Dearing UTC vice-principal Steve Willacy said: “Javid has a natural ability to apply logic to a range of programming language and uses his considerable digital talents creatively to produce entertaining memes.

“Outside school, Javid continues his obsession for all things digital, practising programming techniques using a mix of modern and retro technology and building his own computers using old and new components to run old programmes and games."

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