This app could fix all your household problems - and it's been made in Hull

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 2 Oct 2018

A new Hull app has created a faster and cheaper way to fix common household problems such as faulty sockets, fuse boxes and boilers.

EHLP – created by Matthew Trevor – allows people to start a video-call with a professional electrician, engineer or plumber, who will provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve the issue.

Given its name because of the way Hull people famously say the word ‘help,’ EHLP aims to cut down on the number of expensive call-out charges, and help people fix basic household problems themselves.

Matthew said: “I am an engineer by trade, and I have always had friends ringing me up and asking for advice on how to fix things.

“Eventually I realised I was not getting paid for it, and wondered whether there was a way to make money out of the idea.

Matthew Trevor, creator of EHLP

“Businesses in Hull can sign up and help customers via a video call. If they cannot fix the issue through a call, they can arrange an appointment.

“Businesses are then rated from one star to five by the customer, based on the service they have received.”

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Users are charged £1 for every minute of live help they receive. Of this, 60p goes to the trader helping the user, and the remaining 40p goes to EHLP.

Matthew said the rate meant traders could earn £35 an hour through video calls. “It saves people time, and it saves people money. I hope one day this will become a bit like a digital Yellow Pages,” the entrepreneur said.

“It saves people being stung by £60 call-out fees. It is just in Hull at the moment, and I’ve already got a couple of businesses which have signed up, but hopefully one day I can expand it across the region and the country.”

From his base in the city's C4DI building, Matthew is currently speaking with maintenance companies, electricians and local authorities to see how they can become part of the blossoming EHLP community.

All the businesses which are on EHLP have to be approved and pass a test, so customers can feel assured in the advice they are receiving.

Picture of the C4DI building on Queens Street, Hull

EHLP is currently available to download through the App Store for Apple devices. Matthew said in the future he wants to roll his invention out for Android too.

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“The app could be used to fix literally anything, from fuse boxes and sockets to car audio systems,” Matthew said.

“No one else is doing this locally. I thought of the idea two years ago and have been developing it for a while.”

If you would like to find out more information, please visit the EHLP website , or get in touch with Matthew

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