The Fruit Market's first corner shop opens its doors today

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 Jul 2018

The Fruit Market’s first convenience shop opens today.

The Store will take up former fish filleting premises in Pier Street, which runs between Humber Street and Wellington Street.

The business has been set up by Jonathan Elvidge, the Hull man who founded The Gadget Shop, and his business partner Phil Benson, who has run a number of food, drink and catering businesses.

The Fruit Market is continuing to undergo fast-paced change with a growing number of people setting up home in the heart of Hull’s cultural quarter.

The Store, which has created four full and part-time jobs, will stock daily necessities such as bread, milk, eggs , meat and fish, as well as high-quality ready meals and locally-sourced fruit and veg.

It will also sell kitchen and bathroom essentials and corner shop classics like beans, soup and alcohol.

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Mr Elvidge said: “We love the Fruit Market area – there’s a real energy about the place and it’s great to be part of it. This feel like a missing piece of the jigsaw.

“Our thinking was there’s a real need here and everybody’s talking about it, but nobody’s doing it, so why don’t we? Between us, we have a combination of retail, hospitality and customer-facing skills and experience, so why not bring them together?

“This concept feels like a really natural fit and the time is right with lots of new residents moving into the area soon.

“It will be an enjoyable place to shop in a nice environment, with great service. That combination can create something quite special.”

Owners Phil Benson, left, and Jonathan Elvidge with Sales Assistant Beth Hall, second left, and Manager Katherine Gregory inside The Store on Pier Street, which will stock speciality wines and spirits, as well as locally-sourced food items and daily essentials

His business partner Phil Benson ran the café and catering at the nearby Humber Street Gallery during 2017 and says he hopes the new shop will offer something a little bit different.

“We’re offering something new – it will have elements of a traditional farm shop, merged with a convenience store and off-licence offer, which makes it more interesting to visit and browse,” he said.

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“It’s a traditional model, but done in a different way. In many ways it’s back to the future and reflects how things have come full circle.

“There’s a yearning for community and social interaction – things that make us feel good. Our wellbeing is being diminished because we don’t have these interactions.

"I’m an advocate for technology because it does wonderful things, but it also has its limitations. This concept is of tremendous value to people’s health and wellbeing and some of our products will reflect that, too."

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