Storm Gareth's Grimsby generation gift from offshore wind

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 15 Mar 2019

Grimsby's offshore wind might is making the most of the storms ravaging Britain, with all six farms operating close to their capacity.

Together they are sending more than 1.4GW of clean energy back to UK homes and businesses, 20 per cent of Britain’s total. 

Ramped up as though it was quick-drying the ink on last week’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal, generation has been strong all week. This morning’s snapshot as the working day began saw 31 per cent of the UK’s electricity demand generated by wind alone, harnessed across land and sea nationally, with 19 per cent offshore (7.1GW).

Race Bank, pictured above, the largest wind farm served out of Grimsby, was operating at 98.6 per cent, generating 565MW of clean energy from the 573MW capacity it has. 

Lincs was sending 255MW ashore from the 270MW capacity it enjoys (94.4 per cent), with Humber Gateway, well over cable fault issues that restricted operations, at 96.3 per cent with 211MW from 219MW, closely followed by ‘neighbour’ Westermost Rough at 206MW from 210MW (98 per cent).

Grimsby’s first venture into offshore wind, the twin farms of Lynn and Inner Dowsing, were providing 181MW from 194MW (93.2 per cent).  All figures came from The Crown Estate, controller of the seabed.  

Blades ready to go in Hull.

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While the conditions are ideal for generation, installation may be slightly trickier. The world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea One, is now being built out of the Humber, with blades manufactured in Hull and towers and nacelles brought together on the quayside.

First power has already been achieved on the Orsted development, with the farm to take Grimsby’s capacity from a shade under 1.5GW to nearly 2.7GW by the time the 174 individual turbines are commissioned. 

Hornsea Two will follow, smashing 4GW, with Innogy’s Triton Knoll to put 5GW in touching distance with, most likely, Race Bank Extension.  Hornsea Three and Four then follow.  

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