Staff 'laid off' at Humber Electrical Engineering Company as firm is 'between contracts'

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 2 May 2019

Staff at a Hull engineering firm have been “laid off”, however the managing director of the company insists nobody has been made redundant.

Some staff at Humber Electrical Engineering Company (heeco) have been told they have to temporarily leave their jobs due to the company being “in between contracts”.

Neil Watson, managing director of the firm, which is based in Sutton Fields Industrial Estate in Amsterdam Road, said he hoped the move would be temporary and people would be able to regain their jobs once a new contract is secured.

He said: “Nobody has been made redundant. We are in between big contracts and we have laid people off temporarily.

“We are a company that deals with big contracts in the marine and offshore markets and we are literally in between contracts.

“We are finishing one big contract and there will be a gap until the next one so we have laid some people off for a period of time. We are hoping it will be short term – it could be weeks or it could be months.”

Reports had emerged a significant number of the workforce had been made redundant but Mr Watson said he could not confirm how many staff had been laid off as part of the decision.

According to the company’s website, heeco was established as an electrical contracting outfit to cater to the Yorkshire and Humberside market.

The firm went from a “purely services based provider to a highly specialised bespoke manufacturer of Electrical Control systems”.

Heeco describes itself as an “iconic Yorkshire brand” and the current owners are Bryan Irving and Ian Morl.

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