Smart tech 'vital for future of the NHS'

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 10 Oct 2018

The NHS “cannot be truly successful” in the future without the help of smart technology, an audience at the first ever Connexin Live in Hull heard.

Emma Latimer, chief officer at the Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, said the health service “spends far too much on treatment,” but added “more data and a greater intelligence” would enable better analysis to be done.

She said smart technology was “so important” for the future of the NHS, and would help the health service know where to target resources.

Connexin Live saw tech brains from across the city, country and as far away as Silicon Valley in California gather at Hull’s Bonus Arena, to learn about the future world of smart cities.

“Smart technology can help monitor whether someone’s home is warm, which is just one part of what could be done to look after patients at home and reduce the number of hospital admissions,” Ms Latimer said.

“There is also work to do with the local authority to look at pollution levels and find out where the next COPD problem could be.

“There is a lot of waste still in the system. Knowing where to target resources is paramount. It is about prioritising and doing the right things for patients.”

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Connexin Live also saw Newcastle City Council representatives Tom Warburton and Jenny Nelson explain how smart technology had been deployed in one city centre street, and now controls bins, street lights and monitors air pollution levels throughout the day.

With Connexin based in the city, Hull is well-placed to become a leading smart city across the country.

Keynote speakers at the event, held last Thursday, also included Arvind Satyam, a managing director at US tech giant Cisco, who examined what a smart city ecosystem is and what needs to be done to make it thrive.

Andy Burton, from Hull City Council, explored the ‘art of what’s possible’ with the UK’s largest commercial carrier-grade citywide LoRaWAN network deployed in Hull.

Ms Latimer said during a speech about the potential smart technology poses to the health service: “Without embracing technology, I do not think the NHS can truly be successful, so this is so important.

“We have got a fantastic team here, but it is about finding solutions to all the problems we face.

“Knowing where to direct resources is key.”

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Furqan Alamgir, co-founder of Connexin, inspired the Bonus Arena audience with figures on the potential of smart cities.

He said: “The Internet of Things is not just about connecting and sharing between people, it is about sharing things between people and objects.

“There are currently 18 billion things connected to the internet. By 2020, that number will be 50 billion.

“Working with cities like Hull and Newcastle, we want to create the smarter cities of the future.”

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