Shoreline and Boston Mayflower merger given green light to create new landlord with 12,700 homes

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 9 Feb 2018

The first stage of the merger between Shoreline Housing Partnership and Boston Mayflower is complete.

The two social housing providers will now create a new 12,700 home landlord known as the Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, that is due to officially launch on April 3, pending a confirmatory vote in two weeks' time.

The social landlords say the merger, which has now been approved by board members, will grant the new organisation an additional £50 million to spend, allowing them to provide at least 60 extra homes in Lincolnshire per year. They are also hoping to house 4,000 more people over the next 30 years.

The entrance to the Shoreline Housing Partnership premises in Charlton Street, Grimsby

It claims that the rights, rents and tenancy and lease agreements of either landlord’s residents will be unaffected and further details will be sent directly to tenants following final approval.

The merger has been both supported and approved by North East Lincolnshire Council as well as 66 per cent of Shoreline customers who expressed their view in a public consultation held last year.

The new organisation will have 360 employees and own and manage over 12,700 homes.

Shoreline’s current board chair, Stephen Savage, will be the new group chair. Murray Macdonald has been appointed as group chief executive designate.

The high-rise flats in the East Marsh area of Grimsby, which have been managed by the Shoreline Housing Partnership.

Mr Macdonald said: “We’re delighted that both boards have strongly agreed to merge to create a new greater Lincolnshire landlord.

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“Remaining locally based, our tenants will continue to be at the centre of our services as we meet housing need, provide new homes and deliver enhanced services throughout Lincolnshire to benefit residents and the communities we serve.”

The merger has proved to be highly controversial among residents and one former Shoreline Board Member, Councillor Ray Sutton, who resigned last month in protest over what he perceived to be a lack of input from tenants in making the decision.

Councillor Ray Sutton and former Shoreline tenant board member Michelle Edge outside Grimsby Town Hall after he resigned from the board (Image: Jon Corken)

Shoreline used to have two tenant board members that would have been in a position to veto the merger. However following the two tenant members stepping down there has been a pause on any new members joining the board.

Shoreline own and manage 7,900 former council homes across North East Lincolnshire while Boston Mayflower own over 4,800 homes across the borough of Boston and south Lincolnshire.

Both housing providers are community based organisations that channel any surpluses back into services and projects that benefit tenants.

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