See how burgers are made at McDonald's revamped Laceby restaurant as we go behind the scenes

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 28 Sep 2017

The newly revamped McDonald's in Laceby is back open with state-of-the-art facilities and table service - and we've been behind the scenes to see how the burgers are made.

The Hilmore Road venue, owned by local franchisee George Michniewicz, first opened in February 2002, it closed in August for the significant investment and transformation which has taken around six-and-a-half weeks.

In that time, they have extended the size of the restaurant, employing 19 extra staff, installing 25 additional seats, and expanded the drive-thru area to include an extra service window and bonus lane to the car parking area.

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It has been given a wood and stone theme, whereas the Cleethorpes branch adopted a Mini Mac scheme - with bright contrasting primary colours.

The site currently employs 89 members of staff but permanent positions are currently available for those who are aged 16 and over and have left school. And with 38,000 customers passing through the doors each month and 64 per cent of sales arriving via the drive-thru - staff are kept busy.

The refurbished McDonald's at Laceby has a stylish interior (Image: Jon Corken)

Jenny Bielby, consultant for McDonald's, said: “We’ve gained an additional 25 seats, an extra drive-thru lane because it was a single lane. We have modernised the whole experience for the customer and there’s a new cooking platform in the kitchen - it’s a change for the staff and the customers.

“Staff members are now in the dining area to greet the customer - it’s about changing the customer experience.”

Touch screen kiosk points will change the way you order your meal (Image: Jon Corken)

Staff are on hand to help customers use the bright new digital order kiosks which can adjust in on screen display height for young children or customers in wheelchairs. The menus are simple to use with photographs showing the products, which are selected using touch screen technology.

They also display the nutritional content of each product which previously was on the reverse of the paper table mats on serving trays.

Customers can also tailor their meal to exactly how they want it - so if you’re a fan of the Big Mac but not the pickles, you can opt to have such items removed. You can also select your condiments too, so there’s no more getting up and down from your table.

The refurbished McDonald's at Laceby still has a counter for those who don't wish to use the kiosks(Image: Jon Corken)

The new kiosks not only send your order to the kitchen but a member of staff will now bring your order to your table - so there’s less queuing and less worrying if there will be a table by the time you receive your order.

“The children love the kiosks,” continued Jenny.

“It’s more personal for the customer who want to personalise their order and don’t feel pressured to order whilst someone is looking over their shoulder.

“Everything is brought to the table, so a businessman can sit down and get on with some work.

“It’s great that we’ve gone down that route, staff love it as well, they are interacting with the customers more."

Free technology recharging points with leather seating (Image: Jon Corken)

Other additions to the restaurant which is popular with families, commuters and students are seven air charge points which can charge your electronic devices for free, along with wireless charging for mobile phones.

There is a tablet area for internet browsing to keep children entertained, as well as allowing adults to keep up with the news whilst they are out and about.

Ben Norvock, business manager, who has been with the company 13 years, working his way up from a crew member to his current role, said the kiosks had opened up the choice of meals for customers so they could take their time to look at the menu away from the counter.

“Customers tend to know what they want but it’s about offering choice, whether it’s breakfast or lunch - the kiosks open it up for them as they might see something with less calories," he said.

“People have ordered quite a lot of things that have not been big sellers before, such as side salads, fruit bags and Happy Meals now go out with milk or water.

“Staff love it, they’ve all been excited to come back in and see the smiles on the faces of customers - it’s the general feel of the restaurant.

Tablets are great for entertaining youngsters and keeping adults up to date with news (Image: Jon Corken)

“It’s more focused on customer experience and interaction which people want nowadays. Feedback from regulars has been great, they love the look and feel and say the seating is really comfortable. They’ve been using the tablets and the Chesterfield sofa in the corner has been very popular."

Keen to send less rubbish to landfill sites, the restaurant which is divided into three zoned areas, has two recycling points which encourage customers to separate their waste drink liquids, paper cups and plastics into designated containers.

The refurbished McDonald's at Laceby has a larger drive-thru area (Image: Jon Corken)

Crew trainer Danielle Stocks, 19, has been with McDonalds for three years and loved the new look. She said: “It’s a nice change, it’s modern - the system is a lot faster so the customers are not kept waiting and are much happier.”

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Student Josh Lambert, 17, who was dining with friends is a regular visitor to the Laceby branch for breakfast or lunches, said: “It’s loads better, it’s more modern and it easier to order on the kiosks - you can see what’s on the menu.”

Rear of house, the kitchen has been separated into distinct zones and staff have responsibility for set colour coded areas. Staff aim to complete a small order in around 35 seconds. The Laceby branch will launch its Great Tastes of The World burger range on October 6.

The staff room has also been modernised with new lockers, chairs and tablets to help them relax.

Although the restaurant had its application to open 24 hours rejected by the planning committee in May, they did approve plans to modernise the store with illuminated signage. The McDonald's at Meridian Point in Cleethorpes was refurbished in June this year and the Grimsby town centre restaurant will be next to undergo a revamp in November - which is expected to be completed in December.

Once the final makeover has been completed at the Victoria Street site, it will complete the set - McDonald's say they have no further plans for any extra stores in the near future. They still have 300 to modernise across their 1,275 UK venues across the UK.

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