Recruitment agency proves less can be more after impressive period of growth

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 11 Oct 2018

A Welton-based recruitment agency is proving that less can sometimes be more after an impressive period of growth.

Emmerson Kitney has bolstered its staff numbers in the last 12 months, and is set to expand its in-house academy in a bid to find the next generation of stars.

The agency’s managing director, David Kitney, said a focus on customer retention and having a smaller client base than its rivals was proving a big hit.

“Where we are different is that 70 to 80 per cent of the business we do is retained or partnership work,” he said.

“We don’t need 100s of customers. Customers value what we are doing. Our retention rate is much higher than the average for the industry.

“As recruiters we are typically in an untrusted industry, but SMEs want what we offer.”

With clients ranging from SMEs with smaller turnovers, up to companies boasting £50-60m revenues, Emmerson Kitney is also busy working on its internal operations.

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The success of its own academy – which sees participants go through a 10-week programme on working in the recruitment sector – will soon be followed by the Academy Two.

The new academy will be aimed at more experienced recruiters, to boost their skills and take them to the next rung of the ladder.

Mr Kitney said heading up a recruitment agency gave him a good insight into the jobs market across the region.

He said: “Unfortunately we do not have a strong enough voice and one single voice.

“I strongly believe what we need is one message and one voice. We need new blood in the region’s leadership team, and need to create something like a ‘Hull Plc’ or a ‘Humber Plc.’

“It needs to be about the next generation which is coming through, not the generation we have got now.”

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Emmerson Kitney has also recently invested in a new, blue collar recruitment agency, Reach Resourcing.

The new joint venture with Ben Rice Davies – who founded Reach Resourcing – came after a chance encounter in the taxi queue at Beverley Races.

Mr Kitney went on to mentor Mr Davies for a year, before investing in Ben and Reach.

“Emmerson Kitney launched in the recession when it would have been much easier to go and get a job working for someone else,” the managing director said.

“We are now in a strong position moving forwards – it is an exciting time for the company.”

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