Plans to build a Lidl, pub, and gym in £9m scheme

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 9 Jul 2018

Plans for a £9m retail development for Beverley, including a Lidl supermarket and a pub restaurant, have been submitted to East Riding Council.

It comes two years after initial proposals, expected to create 200 jobs, were unveiled at a public exhibition in July 2016.

A £6m Lidl store, coffee shop, pub/restaurant, gym, office and business uses are proposed for fields on the southern edge of Beverley, in a project which looks set to upset green campaigners.

The ambitious scheme, from Lidl UK, GmbH and Cookridge Estates LLP, is for land west of Hull Road and the Minster Way bypass.

In 2016, the developers were talking to businesses including Costa Coffee, KFC and pub chains including Marstons, Greene King and M&B for the £3m food and drink outlets. It is not yet known if any of these have been signed up.

The proposed site was unveiled at a public exhibition in 2016 (Image: Simon Kench)

A design and access statement lodged with the planning application says: “The proposed development will provide a new source of employment for Beverley and the food store alone will generate 15 full-time and 25 part-time jobs, plus further jobs in the construction period.

“The subject application proposals also represent a significant investment in the local area, equating to around £9m.

“The development of a new Lidl store and food and drink uses will complement the wider development proposals for land south of Beverley and to help facilitate the delivery of the wider housing allocation through the provision of a new vehicular access.

“The proposed development would also enhance the availability of discount foodstore and food and drink provision to existing and future residents within south Beverley.”

Lidl, which recently opened its 700th store in Hull, has wanted to come to Beverley since it came to the UK in 1994. But some Beverley residents are likely to be against the development of a greenfield site.

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Beate Willar, who was among residents who attended the public exhibition two years ago, says: “In principle, I don’t object to Lidl, you can see how well Aldi is doing, that’s not an issue.

“The problem we always have in Beverley is location.

“When there are brownfield sites available that should always be the first port of call for development but they always like to have a clean slate, which is usually a field, to start from scratch.”

Beate Willar, right, was among residents who launched an online petition in 2015 against plans to earmark land in south-west Beverley for 1,900 homes (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

Ms Willar was among campaigners who previously gathered a 1,000-plus name petition against a council blueprint earmarking land in south-west Beverley for 1,900 homes. She says council-owned land on the former Grovehill industrial estate should have been considered for the £9m retail development.

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She says: “The council site is sitting there, it’s not being used and it’s also pretty ugly.

“When you have fields with amenity and wildlife value, it seems crazy to destroy it when you have a brownfield site that is dead.

“The south side of Beverley has taken a hammering from development, originally that field was going to be the cut-off point.

“We will be joined up to Cottingham at this rate, it would be nice to maintain some of the green belt.

“Beverley is like a ribbon development because it can’t be built on to the east and west where we have the common land.

Beate Willar has campaigned against greenfield development (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

“It’s becoming a long fat strip of development going north to south, with an old market town in the middle that can’t take any more cars.”

Ms Willar says there were also flooding concerns over the initial proposals unveiled in 2016 so the final plans must be carefully scrutinised.

The application is in “hybrid” form, with full planning permission sought for both the 2,125m (gross) Lidl store, with 124 parking spaces, and the coffee shop.

Outline permission is sought for the remaining elements of the scheme. The plans are expected to be considered by East Riding Council in October.

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