Opening of this luxury city centre restaurant hits 'major delays'

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 4 Jan 2019

A new luxury Indian restaurant will now not open until at least March after being hit with another “major delay”.

Arisi had originally been expected to open last summer but delays were caused as planners considered installing a new car park as part of the wider £7m K2 development.

The restaurant’s owner Sham Alom used to manage Rumi’s in Beverley and had hoped he would finally be able to cut the ribbon on his brand new restaurant in December.

Internal renovation work continued through the autumn but now plans for the opening have been put again after Mr Alom and his partner, Sarah Day, discovered that there was no access to a gas supply in the building.

The pair hope to be able to finally open their doors in March but for now have had to whitewash their windows as work in the building continues.

Sham Alom outside the K2 development

Ms Day admits it might even take until May for them to be in a position to start serving their luxury Indian menu.

The director of the company says they have taken the latest setback “on the chin” and have made it clear they do not hold anyone responsible.

“If it is a minimum of three months, then we’re opening for March, around Easter time.," Ms Day said. "If it’s the maximum, it could be May.

“It was maybe miscommunication or a misunderstanding. We’ve just taken it on the chin and it’s one of those things.

“It just never had gas in it. Prior to us it was an old police custody place. There would have been no need for gas. It was just electric. We just assumed it would have gas.”

Ms Day says, despite the setback, the opening will “still go ahead” when the work is completed.

Speaking in August, Mr Alom explained how there would be one major difference between Arisi and many other Indian restaurants. He said: “No takeaway at all. If you sit in our restaurant and don’t managed to finish it we’ll quite happily bag it up for you.

"I want to take it back to a restaurant being a restaurant. We should only be focussed on the people that are dining. You can’t give them 100 per cent and I know that from experience.

“You can’t just put fine dining at the end of your restaurant and give standard service. That’s why we’ve brought in a very good chef to work alongside me.

“My thing is, we don’t eat this at home. That’s always been my biggest question. If we’re not eating this stuff at home, why are we selling it? It’s not authentic. I’d really like to be selling things that I actually eat.

“This is why Indian restaurants are struggling – because they’re all the same.

“It’s going to have to be a short menu but hopefully the menu will be very tasty.”

When the owners finally have a set date to open, they will continue their recruiting process and expect to have between 14 and 20 members of staff – many of which will be part-time.

Many of their kitchen staff vacancies have already been filled but they will relaunch their hunt for front of house staff, including a manager, over the coming months.

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