Nobody does it better - Orsted MD's Humber praise with the Prime Minister

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 11 Mar 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May, the nation’s media and a global audience have been told how the Humber leads the world in offshore wind.

Introducing the embattled leader to Orsted’s East Coast Hub on Grimsby’s Royal Dock on Friday, Orsted managing director Matthew Wright flagged up the huge advances now being made, praising successive governments for support and highlighting how industry can now pay back the clarity and confidence shown.

Setting the scene, for employees, dignitaries and journalists, Mr Wright said: “This is now the largest dedicated offshore wind facility in the world, and that’s appropriate because 75 miles off the coast Orsted is also building the world’s largest offshore wind farms. We achieved first power at the giant Hornsea One wind farm just last month and once that’s complete next year we’ll build Hornsea Two which is even bigger. Together these projects will provide enough electricity for 2.5 million UK homes. 

Matthew Wright addresses his audience.

“The £10 million invested in this building and the tens of billions of pounds of investment taking place in the waters around our coastline has been made possible by successive governments support for offshore wind. This support has been rewarded by an industry that has dramatically reduced costs, such that offshore wind projects today are now competitive with traditional fossil fuel generation. 

“This journey culminated in the completion of a sector deal between Government and the industry to deliver up to a third of UK energy needs by 2030. This marks the coming of age of the offshore wind sector in the UK and ticks the boxes of an industrial strategy for two main reasons: The first, it can provide cost effective low carbon electricity at massive scale to help achieve our Climate Change Act targets while keeping costs down for customers; and two - and as importantly - it can create jobs and economic prosperity for UK businesses as this technology expands in domestic and international markets. 

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“Nowhere is this better represented than right here in the Humber where this facility will employ over 400 people in highly skilled long term jobs by the early 2020s. And just across the river, in Hull, over 1,00 local people are already employed making the 75m long blades for our turbines

Theresa May speaks in the huge store at Orsted.

“This is clean growth and industrial strategy in action, and we are privileged to be a part of this community to transform it to a brighter, greener and more prosperous future.”

Telling how Mrs May had “generously spent time visiting the facility, meeting some of the fantastic employees, and learning about our story so far and future plans,” he escorted her in and out of the makeshift auditorium, set within a vast store room designed to hold spare components to keep the cluster of turbines spinning.

Acknowledging one of “four grand challenges” is to green up the energy sector as part of the Industrial Strategy, Mrs May said: “Your work in offshore wind does not just provide more jobs in Grimsby, it makes a direct contribution to the UK efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and protect our environment.”  

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