New study to identify sites in Hull for northern park and ride

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 13 Apr 2018

A park and ride terminal could still be created on land off Beverley Road but more suitable sites may be identified as part of a feasibility study, says a senior councillor.

Such a facility, which is expected to cost seven figures to create, would likely mirror the terminal at Priory Park, west Hull, and form a key part of the council's strategy to get more people to ditch their cars for buses.

Around £1m has been set aside in the council's £23m capital spending programme to develop the idea of creating a northern park and ride.

POSSIBLE SITE: Fields near Dunswell roundabout could be used for a northern park and ride

Councillor Martin Mancey, portfolio holder for strategic transport, says the study will include a "review" of previous plans to create a facility off Beverley Road, near the Dunswell roundabout.

He said: "If we are going to do a park and ride, it will be a northern one because of previous analysis we have carried out.

"We have set money aside in the council's capital spending programme to develop the proposal, in terms of making a sound business case and looking at its viability.

"We have to demonstrate that the potential numbers using the terminal would make it attractive to a commercial operator."

OPTIONS: Cllr Martin Mancey says the study will review previous plans for a park and ride near Dunswell roundabout but other options will also be explored

Cllr Mancey stressed any northern park and ride - wherever it is sited - would need to be profitable in the long-term .

He said: "Before forking out a seven-figure sum, we need to ensure that it's not going to be a white elephant.

"Within a year or two, any scheme would need to be capable of being run on a commercial basis. The council does not have the funds to provide a subsidy to an operator on a long-term basis."

The site near Dunswell roundabout site was seen by many as the preferred location but significant concerns have been raised about its suitability, especially in light of the Kingswood Area Action Plan that reveals the estate could double in size, with more than 3,000 new homes planned.

Cllr Mancey said: "With all the residential developments at Kingswood and £8m improvements planned for the Stoneferry corridor, questions were rightly raised around whether or not the site at the top of Beverley Road was most suitable.

"Questions have been raised as to whether it would be better to look at another location for a northern park and ride scheme. That's what we are now going to do with this study."

Cllr Mancey, who is not standing at next month's election, said his own preference is for a park and ride terminal off Beverley Road, at the spot already mentioned.

"That is my personal view," he said. "That is because you would be tapping into the traffic using the A1079."

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