New fitness centre and gym is opening in the heart of Hull city centre

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 5 Dec 2018

A new fitness centre is opening in the heart of Hull, offering a range of exercise classes and bootcamps.

City Group X will be based on the fourth floor of the K2 building in Bond Street, and is the brainchild of local fitness instructor Rachael Duff.

The new fitness centre is expected to open in early 2019, and will plug a gap left by the former Rise Gym, which closed its doors suddenly in August.

Rachael Duff, owner, said: “Wellness in the workplace is a concept developing in cities across the UK, with employers offering lunchtime yoga sessions and gym memberships for employees.

“It’s something I wanted to build on in Hull with group exercise sessions, where people can just turn up and do a high-intensity class, either before, during or after work.

"We have a lot of leisure centres and round-the-clock gyms in Hull, so I wanted to bring something a little different to the city centre, to complement what we already have.

“Not only will City Group X be great for the health and wellbeing of those working in the K2 complex and surrounding areas, but for anyone who enjoys the thrill and reward of group exercise.”

The new centre will run around 50 classes a week, from Monday to Friday, between 6.30am and 8.30pm.

A series of virtual classes - including an immersive cycling experience which allows the user to rise through digitally-created worlds - will also be available.

From left, Lucy Rose (Centre Manager at K2), Mark Butters (Director at Trade Park Ltd) and Rachael Duff (Owner of City Group X). (Bluestorm)

All classes will be available to book online and through an app.

Mark Butters, director at Tradepark Ltd – developer of the K2 - said: “The idea behind K2 was to create a multi-functional workspace with a focus on wellness.

“That’s why our plans incorporated health facilities, such as a hot yoga studio and fitness space.

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“We’ve created two studios with acoustic floors and walls to house City Group X’s cutting-edge group exercise concept. We’re looking forward to it opening early next year.”

City Group X will house two studios, with other classes including martial arts-inspired Body Combat and barbell class Body Pump.

Hull's K2 building has seen plenty of new occupants since it opened in early 2018. (Peter Harbour)

Rachael, who also works as a freelance management consultant, was inspired by boutique fitness studios in London, which specialise in group workouts, to set-up a new venture that brings together her love of exercise and her business management skills.

City Group X will join a host of other tenants in Hull’s K2 building.

Occupants include Lion Heart Hot Yoga studio, hair salon Cook Hair, and deli and coffee house K2 Eats.

Work is continuing on craft beer and coffee shop Brew, Icarus Lounge events space and Indian restaurant Arisi, which are due to open over the next few months.

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