Mesmerising time-lapse video captures 12,000 tonne ship docking in Grimsby

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 19 Sep 2017

This is the amazing footage of a 12,000 tonne ship being guided into the heart of Grimsby docks like a thread through the eye of a needle.

The time-lapse video was captured by the Humber Pilots whose expertise help thousands of ships negotiate the busy trading estuary.

With a bird’s eye view from the bridge, the film shows the car transporter Autopremier sailing up the Humber before making a tight turn and through the narrow entrance to Grimsby docks past the iconic Dock Tower.

The car transporting ship Autopremier docking in Grimsby

Humber Pilots

It then navigates through the Royal Dock and into Alexandra Dock, turning to 'reverse' alongside the A180's Lockhill Roundabout, to the berth on the western edge of the port.

The ship was carrying around 800 cars destined for sale around the UK. Each cargo of new cars is worth more than £20m.

As it prepares to berth, the video reveals the Autopremier is being followed into the dock by a second car transporter, the 9,000 tonne Main Highway.

Footage from the Autopremier ship in Grimsby showing the Main Highway following it into dock

Humber Pilots

Grimsby has become one of Britain’s leading ports for car handling, with 500,000 of the Humber's 800,000 vehicles passing through last year.

The UECC owned Autopremier car transporter which carries 800 cars at a time

Thanks to Philip Bent and his colleagues at the Humber Pilots for the footage.

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