Look at these incredible views of Hull filmed from the River Humber

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 26 Nov 2018

Drones have in recent times provided some stunning birds-eye views of Hull.

The technology has captured some of city's biggest events from the air, along with some of Hull's best-known landmarks.

But it's not just drones that make for stunning footage.

Hull Live recently took a trip out with Associated British Ports (ABP) on the River Humber, with a team responsible for mapping the estuary's sand banks and preventing ships from running aground.

The Deep in Hull. (Steph Downing Photography)

While out on the river, we took the chance to capture some shots of Hull from the water.

From the well-known landmark of The Deep, to Hull's Old Town and its historic docks, the footage shows the city from an angle perhaps less captured than from the air.

Check out the video above, and see how many places you recognise in Hull from the River Humber.

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