Lindsey Oil Refinery total-ly focused on the gravitas of safety for all

By Scunthorpe Telegraph | Posted: 28 Jun 2017

TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery has been continuing the close partnership with its contractors to uphold safe working at the North Killingholme site. 

The company has introduced simple methods to focus everyone who works on the site on the importance of working safely. This is for both employees and contractors, when it comes to safety, with the TLOR site operating a “one team” philosophy.

Initiatives introduced have included safety moments at the beginning of each formal meeting where people can learn from others’ “return of experience”, and stop cards, where everyone has the authority to halt a piece of work if they think it is unsafe, as well as the simplification of the 12 golden safety rules.

Site general manager Jacques Beuckelaers said: “These campaigns are put in place to remind everyone of the importance of safety in our work and learn from others. Safety is a value to us, everyone should go home safe.”
In April, the refinery along with other sites around the world, marked World Safety Day.

This was the chance for everyone to stop and think about safety. This year the focus was on the 12 golden safety rules. It was launched by Mr Beuckelaers, with more than 300 people gathered to start the day with a reminder of the golden rules by acting them out.

This was a humorous moment but a poignant one, as everyone joined in. It was an easy way of remembering the important 12 golden rules to staying safe at work.

This quarter TLOR, along with the other Total refineries across the world, has been focusing on the dangers of working at height. A campaign was launched worldwide called Gravity is our Enemy.

Jerome Arnaud, maintenance manager at TLOR, said: “Here at TLOR we wanted to include everyone in this campaign to truly have interactive sessions to highlight the dangers of this type of work and learn from others.”

Hertel, who has the scaffolding contract at TLOR, was asked to put together workshops with a safe working at height theme, covering the dangers of objects falling, as well as personal and collective protection, and rescue planning.

Dave Ackroyd, Hertel site manager, said: “To be requested by TLOR to roll out our presentation to all contractors and TLOR personnel was very pleasing. For TLOR to allow Hertel to address their own employees makes us feel part of the ongoing success in safety across the site.”

Part of the presentation involved deliberate fault laying in a scaffold erection.
“The group was invited to go outside and pick out the faults and then we discussed them on their return,” he said. “This was very successful and lots of interaction took place.”

The workshops also covered working safely from ladders, including some video footage of actual falls from step ladders. It got a strong message out to all that falls from height can seriously injure people, or in some cases can be fatal.

It reinforced key points like ladders being worked on off a level surface; leaving three rungs from the top of any step ladder to avoid becoming unbalanced, and maintaining three points of contact at all times.

Mr Ackroyd added: “We all use step ladders at home, changing light bulbs, going into lofts, putting the outside Christmas lights up, etc, and this presentation hopefully makes people think about how they use them in the future and helps everyone at home and at work to stay safe.”

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