LAISTER'S LAST WORD SPECIAL: Legacy? How about a great future for Grimsby!

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 26 Aug 2016

ONE throw-away comment from a columnist sitting somewhere in London or the Home Counties shouldn't rile me so, but it has.

'Grimsby seeks to wipe out the legacy of its maritime dockside' wrote Simon Jenkins in The Guardian yesterday.

A singular reference to our great seafaring town borne out of an earlier article about the Kasbah's fate, following the go-ahead to crush the Cosalt building, with negotiations understood to be ongoing about further demolition.

History being removed, indeed. History actually hidden away on a private port estate, where port authorities enjoy special planning permissions to move with the changing nature of the industry.

Indeed this is paving the way for a future brighter than any would imagine 10 years ago, when, as a point of reference, these buildings were in pretty much the same state as they are now. Remeber the filming of Atonement anyone?

This work is being done to ensure we create the necessary blank canvas investors crave to paint a crucial part of Grimsby's economic future.

I'd gauge there are already 500 jobs in offshore wind, either direct or supported by, on the port estate.

Triton Knoll and Hornsea are on the horizon, and they will bring similar numbers individually as they dwarf the five operational wind farms already served.

NOT GOLDEN, JUST OLDER: The Kasbah area on Port of Grimsby.

So let's preserve the Dock Tower and ABP Port Office, keep Alfred Enderby smoking within a one-way system providing easy access to Grimsby Fish Market, the likes of Dong Energy and the new marine control centre, and let's crack on with the rest. Photographs and videos of long gone fishing heydays can be exhibited at the National Fishing Heritage Centre. Even if we have some Brexit-born miracle of a return to a sizeable fishing fleet, the infrastructure Jenkins concerns himself with isn't right. Port of Grimsby is a working, thriving port with a ghost town in its midst that only serves to frighten investors away.

Please, please, please stop the chat about football grounds, flats and fawning over ruins of an Ice Factory. Let's open up the space and see offshore wind blow the nay-sayers away. This is, for the umpteenth time, an operational ports complex, where high viz and heavy loads are a matter of course. Safety first and then security too, as the net is tightened around the illegal trafficking of people and goods, and more so if June's vote does see control of borders return.

So never mind these rose-tinted legacies, what about meaningful consideration of Grimsby's mega maritime future?

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