Kinetic energy powers manufacturer’s growth

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 25 May 2018

A HULL manufacturing company that  has spent the past four years investing heavily in the way it operates is now ready to push forward and grow.

Kinetic Laboratories, based in Wiltshire Road, now boasts a new website and has seen four apprentices rise through the ranks and become “vital” members of the team.

Business owners Andrew and Beverley Hird took over Kinetic in 2007, and are now looking to grow and move forwards.

Mrs Hird, financial director, said: “We have been investing internally for quite some time, and looking at our own operations and we can create a better quality product.

“We have had four apprentices who have all been successful. In the past we have not quite got it right with apprentices – whether it was our recruitment or what we were offering them – but all four have now stayed and are vital members of the team.

“We have also spent a lot of money on our website, which is now looking fantastic, and we are in a position to move forwards.”

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Kinetic manufactures a variety of laboratory furniture, from storage units and shelving to fume cupboards and extraction systems.

Mr Hird started out as an apprentice at a different firm in the city. 

Andrew and Beverley Hird.

The couple became shareholders in Kinetic, and took over the business in 2007 when the previous owner announced retirement.

“We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds internally in recent years,” Mrs Hird said.

“We are now trying to establish ourselves. We have a name for ourselves with our existing clients, but now it is about trying to get some more business.

“The website before was not fit for purpose. It was outdated and people could not find what they were looking for.

“We have worked extremely hard to get to where we are now, and it is time to push on.”

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Mrs Hird also spoke of the importance of apprenticeships in helping the business develop.

“We have one guy who started out as an apprentice here. He was lost in the education system and could not get a job he wanted.

“We gave him some work experience and he shone. It makes you feel so proud that you have given someone that opportunity.

“Apprenticeships are the perfect way to teach someone about how you run your business – not just any business – and you can teach them the way you want them to work.”

Kinetic has been part of the National Apprenticeship Scheme since 2013.

Mrs Hird paid credit to all the staff at the business, and said it was their hard work that set Kinetic apart from its competitors.

The company has also done its bit for the local community, having invested in several youth sports teams and working with Priory Primary School to install an educational kitchen free of charge.

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