KCOM competitor says it has installed 'Hull's fastest fibre broadband' in luxury flat complex

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 1 Apr 2018

A Hull internet provider says it has installed the “region’s fastest fibre broadband” at a new luxury residential development in Hull city centre.

Pure Broadband's fibre service at the HU1 development at Essex House in Alfred Gelder Street is the regional broadband provider’s flagship project.

The project has an exclusive fibre line plugged directly into each and every apartment and does not share bandwidth with other properties in the area.

It is capable of delivering 1Gbps (gigabit per second) to each of the 45 apartments, intended to help future-proof the properties against inevitable technological improvements.

Pictured from left is Jason Coleman - MD Iguana development, Danny Gough - My Pad, Alan Cheshire - Pure broadband and Daniel Greaves - Pure broadband network manager, on the roof of Essex House

Katie Pugh

HU1 at Essex House is part of a £42m regeneration programme by Iguana Developments.

The project is the first block of high-specification apartments by the firm, which is also developing residential properties at Liberty Lane and the former Queens Gardens police station.

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Jason Coleman, the managing director of Iguana Developments, said: “We are giving young professionals with aspirational lifestyles exactly what they want, and more.

“Ultrafast broadband is just one of the bolt-ons we provide as well as an in-house cinema, gym, roof terrace and gaming room.

The Essex House development is part of a £42m regeneration programme

Katie Pugh

“Excellent connectivity is an absolute necessity and we are delighted to be Pure Broadband’s flagship project in Hull, providing the fastest speeds of any accommodation in the area, 1000Mbps.”

Alan Cheshire, director of Pure Broadband said: “Our technology is capable of delivering 1Gbps into each apartment. However the tenants of Iguana Developments have generally all chosen the 300Mbps package which is more than enough for their needs.

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“It can download a 2-hour movie in just a few seconds and enables users to surf the internet, play games online and enjoy using the internet without the frustration of buffering.

“We have future-proofed HU1 at Essex House. 300Mbps is about the maximum that a mobile device or new laptop computer can cope with right now.

Jason Coleman, Danny Gough, Alan Cheshire and Daniel Greaves on the roof of Essex House

Katie Pugh

“But as the technology continues to evolve, the broadband connection we’ve set up in HU1 at Essex House will manage, while other providers will have to upgrade their technology to keep up with demand.”

Danny Gough from MyPad is letting and managing HU1 at Essex House on behalf of Iguana Developments. He said: “We were keen to work with Pure Broadband as there are so many benefits to their service.

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“It can be switched on from day one, there is no need to wait for engineers to install the equipment and, tenants may not want an eighteen-month or two-year contract if they are not staying in Hull long-term.

“HU1 at Essex House is the first of three properties to be completed. Liberty House on Liberty Lane is currently undergoing a full refurbishment to create twenty-five apartments to the same high standard with cinema and gym these will be available for sale shortly with completion set for October this year.

“The third project is the former police station in Queen’s Gardens. All three projects will have Pure Broadband’s fibre line installed.”

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