Jobs available at RB as 'finishing touches' put on £105m centre in Hull

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 8 Aug 2018

The “finishing touches” are being put on RB’s £105m Science and Innovation Centre as jobs become available to work in the new facility.

Construction on the state-of-the-art centre is in its final stages, as the global health company prepares to move in before the end of 2018.

Almost 40 jobs are currently up for grabs at RB in Hull, in what R&D site lead Dr Bruce Charlesworth described as “an exciting time” for the company.

Work on the £105m centre is in its final stages

“The main thing for us has been getting the quality right. These are health care products which we will be developing in the centre, so it is critical everything is correct,” he said.

“In terms of the cough and cold portfolio, we will be working on Strepsils and Gaviscon in the new centre. Other brands include Nurofen, Optrex and Scholl Footcare will also be there.

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“We are in the final stages, I think it is fair to say, and it is really just about putting the finishing touches on everything before we move in.”

The centre will be RB’s largest single investment in the company’s history.

George Osborne visiting the RB factory in Hull in 2014

Once completed, it will be RB’s biggest healthcare development centre, and will put Hull firmly on the map and at the forefront of science.

A total of 35 jobs working in research and development are currently available, with more than 20 being new roles.

Successful applicants will get the chance to work in the new centre in Hull, Dr Charlesworth said.

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“We have already exceeded our recruitment target, which was in the region of 80.

“The important thing to stress about the building is it is an upgrade for RB. It is like buying a new car. You are not absolutely desperate because you already have a car, but it is still very exciting when you get it."

The new £105m centre will improve efficiency at RB in Hull, and allow the company to conduct testing of products without the risk of stock running short in shops at the same time.

“We have got to keep stock of the big products in all the shops, and previously when we have been doing testing there has been the risk of stocking problems,” Dr Charlesworth said.

“The centre will also enable us to be more connected to our consumers. They will be able to see, touch and smell products in a way they haven’t been able to before.”

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Doors on the new centre are expected to open before the end of 2018.

Reckitt & Sons, which merged with German company Benckiser in 1999, was set up by Issac Reckitt in Hull in 1840.

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