Is your Business GDPR Ready?

By KRL Group Limited | Posted: 18 Sep 2017

Is your Business GDPR Ready?

Avoid Costly Data Breaches with KRL Group LTD Print Solutions.

The European General Data Protection (GDPR) is set to commence May 2018. This means that the UK Data Protection Act will no longer exist and your business will have to comply to new regulations.

GDPR includes online personal data such as IP addresses, financial details, health information and pseudonymised data like social media accounts or other online personas.

According to KRL partner, Kyocera, “GDPR is about proactively implementing the right personnel, procedures and processes to ensure that data is protected and dealt with appropriately . . . It is about conducting data protection impact assessments and introducing complimentary technology (content management systems, encryption, secure transit and storage of data etc.) to be able to comply and even exceed GDPR guidelines”.

Can you afford to pay 4% of your business’ annual turnover? No?

We can help you meet GDPR compliance with our document management systems and secure encryption. We have solutions from all our major brand partners, Samsung, Kyocera, Konica and Ricoh, we also have document management solutions that will work with any machine you have in your office. We can install a document management system on any device allowing you to print, scan or copy a document, store it in a pre-defined location, encrypt with a secure PIN or password and then retrieve it quickly through search functionality.

KRL Group LTD print solutions can help to deliver the type of proactive security management that can avoid costly data breaches in compliance to GDPR. Contact us today to discuss how we can help ensure that your print strategy and print fleet is compliant with GDPR. Call 01482 657007, or email

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