Innovative education company launches in Hull's C4DI

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 26 Jun 2018

A new innovative education company which hopes to boost English and maths skills for children in Hull has launched in the city’s C4DI building.

Good2Learn uses short video lessons – accompanied by interactive questions – to help seven to 12-year-olds push forwards in the core subjects outside of the traditional classroom.

Parents can also monitor their child’s progress in different sections of the subjects, and may even find themselves tested with some of the questions young people are asked during their education.

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Paul Mandalia, CEO and founder of Good2Learn, said the company was offering an educational tool like no other in the market.

“As far as education-tech goes, we have created a very innovative platform which makes a huge difference to families.

“Up and down the country, children come home from school and if they don’t understand something, the first thing they will do is ask their parents.

“Parents will have learnt the skill at some point, but may have forgotten it, or their child may be being taught in a different way.

“Schools are now asking parents to be more engaged in their child’s education, and that is where this platform comes in.”

Good2Learn uses short videos – a couple of minutes long – to teach children in a new, more engaging way.

Children can then complete a series of questions, and re-watch the video if they get any wrong to learn from their mistakes.

Mr Mandalia said Good2Learn had been created to “bridge the gap between school learning and home learning.”

“You only need to do one or two lessons per week, and it makes sure children are working to their full potential.

“It has been very well received so far. Schools in Hull have been very impressed with it, and we have also invited some children in for a taster session, and they absolutely loved it.”

Good2Learn offers people a number of short, free lessons on its Facebook page, to give parents and children a taste of the platform.

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It is available on laptop, tablet, iPad and mobile, and costs £9.99 a month, fixed for the first year.

The price includes access for a family with up to three children, as the new platform aims to be affordable for people across the city.

Speaking about his background, Mr Mandalia said: “I moved to Hull five years ago. I think the City of Culture year really accelerated Hull.

“The emergence of the digital quarter in Hull has made it one of the leading places in the country.

“Good2Learn is the culmination of two years of development, and now we are ready to shout about it from the rooftops.”

You can find out more about the company and programme by visiting

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