Innovative courier service introduced for the Humber wind farms

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 9 Jan 2018

A COURIER service for the Humber’s burgeoning offshore wind cluster is being launched.

Departing daily, and calling at Grimsby en-route to any of the operational or under construction sites off the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire coast, Hull-based MMS Offshore has brought forward the simplified service, be it for crew, fuel or equipment.

“We will provide a one-point contact for crew changes, technician transfers, stores, containers, pallets, fuel and fresh water deliveries,” Rob Langton, MMS managing director, enthused.

“Personnel can leave their vehicles in our secure car park, equipment can be received, stored and loaded at our own quay, on our own vessel, a full 100 per cent in-house service.”

Located in Green Port Hull, adjacent to the Siemens blade manufacturing and turbine assembly facilities, MMS has built its own fleet to serve the growing market.

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The proposal – ready to start this month – is to depart at 7am, calling at Grimsby about 40 minutes later, before heading out to the required farm or farms, returning at 6pm.

With six operational arrays, as well as emerging construction “sites”  in Hornsea and Triton Knoll, Dogger Bank’s first phase as well as East Anglia-operated Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal are also covered.

MMS launched 26m workboat MMS Crusader in Grimsby in August 2016. “We have the facility to do it, so we thought we ought to try something,” he said. “We have our own fork lifts, our own cranes, containers and pallets can be received, and we can just take parcels across. 

“If it is a matter of transferring something or someone from Siemens to Ørsted, we can do that, it will be cheaper than a taxi.”

For now Grimsby will be limited to carry-on loads, but Mr Langton is not ruling out expansion as the company’s 30th year is celebrated. “Currently it is a stop on the way out, but hopefully it will develop from there. We do a good bit across in Grimsby and it is a pro-active place. This is all Humber-based, with the boats built on the Humber, based on the Humber with Humber crew.”

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