Humberside Plant Hire 'appalled' as residents win planning battle after complaining business had 'ruined lives'

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 22 May 2018

The managing director of a Cottingham company has been left “bitterly disappointed” after a planning appeal to save part of his business was rejected.

Humberside Plant Hire, which supplies a host of construction machinery and equipment, was ordered to stop using their land in North Moor Lane to store and process waste.

Roger Hoe, the company’s MD, took the decision to the Planning Inspectorate, but has seen the appeal rejected and the enforcement notice upheld.

Residents in Cottingham who argued that the number of vehicles travelling down North Moor Lane was ruining their lives have celebrated the decision, but it has left Mr Hoe “appalled” and “bitterly disappointed.”

“This yard has been here for 30 years, and I have been here since 2002,” he said.

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“We provided an important service with the waste storage, and have previously been well-regarded by planning officers, and this decision means at this side of Hull there is nothing left like us.

“It is going to increase the risk of people disposing of their waste illegally, by fly-tipping it.”

Residents have won their battle against the company

The company was given two enforcement notices by East Riding Council , which ordered them to stop using their land to receive, process and store waste.

Mr Hoe had argued that the land had been used for more than 10 years to bring in soil and hard core, but his claim was rejected.

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The Planning Inspectorate said in the report: “Letters from local residents indicate that the level of vehicle movements has intensified, and the council indicates that heavily loaded lorries arrive and leave with material regularly throughout the course of each day.

“During my site visit, I noted several large piles of soil and rubble, along with around a dozen bays of graded aggregates. I am satisfied on the balance of probability that the change to the current use will have resulted in a significant increase in vehicle movements.”

Humberside Plant Hire's base in North Moor Lane

Residents have had an ongoing battle with the company over the vehicle movements, and have since celebrated the decision from the Inspectorate.

One lady said: “The noise and dust has been horrendous and it is miraculous no one has been injured on this lane.

“The past five years of our lives have been ruined, but thankfully it all stops now."

Mr Hoe said although the waste side of the business did not make a large amount of money, it was providing an important service to the area.

“I will be putting another planning application in at some point in the future to try and reintroduce that part of the business,” he said.

“I am bitterly disappointed at the decision. It just means I cannot get on with what I was doing before.”

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