Hull's first falafel takeaway is here

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 13 Nov 2017

A new takeaway specialising in falafel dishes is launching in Hull’s Trinity Market.

Called The Falafia, the eatery is already serving a limited menu but hopes to officially launch within the next few weeks.

It will be the first takeaway place dedicated to the Middle Eastern cuisine and the owners believe there is demand in Hull.

A spokesman for The Falafia said: “We know there is a massive gap in the market for our hot and tasty street food.

“Apparently the people of Hull tell us that this great city is always the last to get anything especially if the rest of the nation’s great cities have it, so we thought we'd open here so people don't miss out on something that is happening everywhere else.

“The idea of providing healthy, tasty nutrition that doesn't come with the feelings of guilt fast food usually comes with was a no-brainer for us.”

The Falafia has even patented the recipe for its own falafel balls.

The spokesman said: “Our signature falafel balls are a secret recipe that we have had patented and will soon be offering it for sale as a dry mix people can make themselves at home.

“The dish itself is Middle Eastern in origin and is an excellent protein source for everyone.

“We sell it in wraps - people can choose from spinach, beetroot, wholemeal, seeded or plain wraps packed with fresh salads and sauces like yogurt and mint, tahini, sweet chilli, hot chilli (for the brave), guacamole and houmous.”

Food is already being served at The Falafia’s Trinity Market venue but the owners promise a much more extensive menu when it really gets going.

The spokesman said: “Eventually, when we open fully over the next four to six weeks we will be offering much more including freshly home-made soups, an array of salads, griddled vegetables and halloumi people can choose for their wraps or salad boxes.

The Falafia opening at Trinity Market with staff member Fergus Murphy (Image: Richard Addison)

“Then there will be an amazing carrot cake, baclava and date slices if you have room for dessert.”

The Falafia is open the market hours from 9am until 5pm every day including Saturday.

The spokesman said: “We chose Trinity Market because of the extensive facelift the whole place is having and also it is in the heart of Hull's business district where there are many hungry mouths to feed at lunchtime.

“The vibe down there is something of quiet excitement in anticipation of the coming hub that the market and its food vendors will create.

Wraps created by new Hull takeaway The Falafia

“This will lead to events down there on evenings and weekends eventually. We will be there to cater for the weary city folk when they need replenishment.

“Hull City Council often gets a really bad rep but we would just like to tell the people that they are doing an amazing job regenerating this historic part of the city and helping new businesses open down there. This is the start of something... we can feel it.”

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