Hull waste firm has vehicle for one-stop collection

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 13 Feb 2018

A HULL waste collection specialist has  boosted its fleet of vehicles in a bid to simplify waste  collection in the garage sector. 

The bespoke vehicles have been developed for Hull firm Re: Group as it looks to continue its  business growth. 

The vehicles have been developed for one-stop collections of hazardous materials and will bring environmental benefits as well as enabling garages to dispose of waste easily and  

The Hull-based company has developed the units over the past nine months, working with vehicle body designers, and is providing the service through its RE:Claim division. 

The vehicles, which carry the slogan One Place For Your Hazardous Waste, have been fitted with two-decker platforms at the rear of 15,000-litre capacity tankers, allowing the carriage of both liquid and solid waste streams.

Re:Group has UKAS accredited laboratories at its Air Street headquarters and provides a range of heating fuel for industry, employing more than 50 staff.

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Re:Group managing director Paul Waine said one-stop collection was the future for the industry and would bring environmental benefits through reducing road miles, as well as simplifying compliance with complex waste disposal tracking and reporting legislation.

“While we have always made a point of ensuring liquid and solid waste collections are timely, we have often had to send two vehicles to a site to complete the job,” he said. 

“These innovative new vehicles are very versatile as they can carry different combinations of bulk containers, bins and drums in addition to their three compartment bulk tank, making it very efficient and straightforward for businesses to get hazardous waste off their premises.”

The firm is offering to collect waste oil in quantities from thousands of litres down to 20 litres, along with other hazardous waste, such as brake fluid, batteries, fluorescent lighting, antifreeze, oily rags, latex gloves and grease tubes. 

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The service is aimed at all garages, from large chains to one-person operations, and is first available to existing customers in the Yorkshire and Humber region, with the aim of expanding to other areas later this year. Mr Waine added: “We are providing one place for all hazardous waste and giving customers certainty that it will be dealt with safely and responsibly.”

Oil waste undergoes a recovery process at RE:Claim’s facility on the east bank of the River Hull. 

Ultimately, the materials are either recycled back to base oil for reuse or blended into a fuel to recover the energy value and displace the burning of fossil fuels.

RE:Group also deals with waste from the marine and industrial sectors.

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