Hull Moodbeam gadget which tells parents how their child is feeling goes on sale

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 13 Dec 2018

A Hull gadget which lets parents know how their child is feeling has gone on pre-sale.

Moodbeam has been created by entrepreneurial duo Christina McHugh and Jonathan Elvidge and allows children to log how they are feeling at the touch of a button.

The data is then collected and is viewable in an app, giving parents an insight into when their child is happy - and when they are struggling.

Jonathan Elvidge, who launched both The Gadget Shop and Red5, is one of the founders and directors of Moodbeam.

He said: “This has the potential to truly change lives for the better. It is a really exciting thing to be involved in, and although I am biased, I really think it is going to be a winner.”

Work on the wearable tech gadget is entering its final stages, and Moodbeam announced on Tuesday that the device was available for pre-order.

Moodbeam is now available for pre-order. (Moodbeam)

The business said on its social media platforms: “Spring is coming…we are delighted to tell you that from today you can pre-order the world’s first wearable device to make sense of your mood.”

Moodbeam could have a huge impact on mental health wellbeing and understanding.

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The gadget also records how many steps you walk each day and how much sleep you get and then combines the data to see how they affect your happiness.

Moodbeam said it had “provided a simple-to-use solution for a very real problem”.

“Founded in 2016, Moodbeam was inspired by a seven-year-old girl struggling to deal with a tough situation at school,” the company says on its website.

Christina Colmer McHugh, pictured here with Jonathan Elvidge, (Kate Pugh)

“Her mum, our co-founder Christina, was left wondering what it would be like to know how her daughter was feeling when she wasn't with her.

“She knew that this was a situation not unique to her but shared by thousands of other parents.”

Moodbeam is now available to pre-order, priced at £49.95. The wearable tech gadget is expected to be ready for use by spring 2019.For more details, click here .

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