Hull is one of the most expensive UK cities to park in - and look how much the council earned from it

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 15 Dec 2017

Hull is one of the most expensive cities in the UK to park your car, according to new statistics.

Data obtained through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests found the cheapest hourly rate is £1.20 in Hull City Council-run car spaces

This is higher than Manchester, which offers parking for as little as £1 an hour, as well as Leeds and Sheffield, which charges just 50p per hour in some spaces.

The figures were acquired by international airport parking price comparison, which asked more than 20 councils in the largest UK cities to reveal their cheapest rates for an hour's parking.

Unsurprisingly, London came out on top, with the cheapest hourly rate still coming in at a whopping £4.80.

This was followed by Liverpool, which was priced at £2 per hour, with Hull in third.

The cheapest hourly rate out of the councils surveyed were found in Belfast and Newcastle where savvy drivers can park for as little as 20p an hour.

The price comparison website also asked councils to declare how much they make in annual income from parking metres for council-run spaces.

The data revealed Hull City Council raked in £2.3m in annual income between 2015 and 2016.

This was higher than Wakefield and Bradford, which made £1.2m and £1.6m respectively, but higher than Sheffield and Leeds which acquired £5.1m and £8.8m.

Martin Mansell, managing director of, hopes the new figures will bettere educate drivers on where to park

Hull City Council said despite the seemingly high hourly charges, it does offer longer stays with more appealing day rates.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "Hull City Council offers two long-stay multi-storey car parks for £3 per day.

"In addition to this, free long-stay parking is also being offered on weekends during the lead up to Christmas.

"Hull is unique in terms of its parking accessibility in the city centre. We already offer a number of prime city centre parking spaces compared to other major cities.

"Parking on the street is generally more expensive as it is designed for short-stay only.”

Martin Mansell, managing director of, hopes the data will better educate drivers on where, or where not, to park.

He said: “Drivers deserve to know how their city stacks up against other council charges across the UK.

“Seeing the data broken down like this, we hope to educate drivers and encourage them to do some research before forking out for over-the-top parking charges."

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