Hull is named as the hardest place in UK to find a job

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 23 Apr 2019

Hull has been named as the hardest city in the country to get a job.

A new study has found more people are hunting for work in the city compared to the total number of vacancies available than anywhere else.

For every position that comes up, there are 2.7 people looking for work.

It puts Hull at the top of the list for the hardest places to get a job, narrowly above the likes of Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Bradford.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder at Adzuna– the job search engine which commissioned the survey – said: “Choosing where to start your job search can have a huge impact on both how easy it is to get a job and your potential pay-packet. “

Cambridge was found to be the easiest place in the UK to find a job. For every position that comes up, there are just 0.04 people looking for work.

Aerial view of Hull Marina (Mikes Drone)

Oxford was the second best place to find a job, followed by Swindon and Reading.

Northern towns and cities did not fare so well in the list.

In Sunderland, there are 2.15 jobseekers for every vacancy, and in Middlesbrough the figure stands at 1.68.

It’s a similar story in Bradford (1.34) and Sheffield (0.76), but Hull has joined only Sunderland as a city with more than two people looking for work per job vacancy.

Mr Hunter said: “The sizeable salaries on offer in Cambridge are £8.5k larger than in Hull. In fact, all of the top five cities to find a job currently sit in the south, with cities like Hull and Sunderland continuing to play catch-up with their southern counterparts.

“And with up to 25x more jobs on offer than people to fill them, job hunters in these top areas are in a great position to negotiate on pay, perks and holiday packages - something for the Class of 2019 to bear in mind after graduation.”

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Jobseekers in Hull can also expect lower pay rates hand-in-hand with the increased competition.

Advertised salaries averaged £29,848 in February, meaning jobseekers are paid on average £8,500 less than in Cambridge.

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