Hull has received tens of millions in EU funding - here's where it all went

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 19 Dec 2018

A whopping £52m from the EU helped boost Hull projects over the last five years to help create jobs, new figures have revealed.

Funding through the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) will continue to help the 25 projects already in receipt of the cash injection up until 2020 - despite whatever happens with Brexit.

The figures, complied from data from website, includes money from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

It has helped create jobs and support the economy in the city, however, the large total doesn't quite tell the full story.

As well as being gifted the £52 in structural and investment funds, the city has benefited from science funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 scheme, as well as money to other EU funds, including farmers reaping the benefits of the Common Agricultural policy.

But, of course, these EU funds are created from a budget which includes the amount that the UK pays into the EU every year.

The ESIF projects that received the largest amount of EU support in Hull were:

  • Humber Learning Consortium's Springboard Hull and Humber project received £7.6m
  • Education and Skills Funding Agency's Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Priority 2 Application project received £6.7m
  • University of Hull's Aura Innovation Centre project received £4m

On top of that, the Department for Work and Pensions 2014-2020 Provision Humber/GLLEP project received £3.76m and the Education and Skills Funding Agency's Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Priority 1 project was granted £3.33m.

John Lees-Miller, one of the volunteers who helped put together said: "Before we started working on, we had completely tuned out of the Brexit debate.

(Image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

"It was all very negative and depressing, so we wanted to do something to highlight the positive impact that the EU has had on the UK.

"We found a lot of data, but it was hidden away in databases and spreadsheets. By putting the data on a map, we hope to make it easy for everyone to see some of the things the EU has done for their local area.

"We've learned that there are many different kinds of EU funding that come from different organisations within the EU.

Vote Leave's bus

"They each report on their activities independently, which makes it challenging to see the big picture sometimes.

"We started the project at a hackathon organised by TechForUK and BestForBritain. We've also worked with NHS Digital to find out how many NHS nurses and doctors are from the EU in each trust."

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