Hull car wrapping firm prepares for expansion as business booms

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 11 Jan 2019

A Hull vinyl-fitting business is preparing to expand its current premises to meet increasing demand for vehicle wraps and printing.

VinylFX was launched in January 2017 by husband and wife team Simon and Natasha Havercroft.

Work undertaken by the firm, based in Tower House Lane, Hedon Road, ranges from general day to day vinyl printing to large fleet vehicle wraps and car enhancements.

As the business celebrates two successful years of trading, VinylFX is now set to extend its current home, paving the way for future growth.

Natasha said: “This is something which has always been in the pipeline for us. We are going to put a mezzanine floor into the premises, which in effect creates more space.

Pictured, from left, Natasha Havercroft with baby Poppy, Simon Havercroft and Scott Robson (Jerome Ellerby)

“At the moment we can only fit three, four maximum, vehicles into the unit at one time. Once the mezzanine has been built that number should increase to between six and eight.

“We are now marketing to companies with larger fleets of vehicles, who may have between 100 and 500 cars.”

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When VinylFX launched, it received support from local business start-up support organisation the Chamber Acorn Fund, based at the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce.

At the time, VinylFX’s owners were described as having “great ambition” for the business, and two years down the line, the hard work appears to be paying off.

VinylFX is preparing to expand its current premises in east Hull. (Jerome Ellerby)

Natasha said turnover at the business had doubled since its first year, along with its customer base.

She said: “The workload in general has increased massively.

“We work with some quite big companies now, so the demand is bound to get higher. Our premises is perfect for us at the moment, but if further down the line the demand continues to rise we would have to look at another space.”

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VinylFX is also preparing to move into a new area, based around furniture wrapping.

Natasha explained: “At the moment, when a business wants to revamp its offices, it means chucking away all of the furniture and starting again.

Pictured, from left, Scott Robson and Simon Havercroft (Jerome Ellerby)

“That does not need to be the case. By wrapping furniture, you can completely change its style, and therefore a whole office.”

With a client base spanning from Scotland right down to the south of England, VinylFX is well placed to continue its impressive expansion, from its home in east Hull.

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