Hotham's Gin School and Distillery owners open another bar - and it's a first for Hull

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 16 Apr 2019

The owners of Hull’s gin school have opened the city’s first kombucha bar in Trinity Market.  

Emma Kinton and Simon Pownall launched Hotham’s Gin School & Distillery in Hepworths Arcade last year, giving customers the opportunity to create their own flavours of gin and learn about the history of the spirit.

They have gone on to win several awards, including at the Yorkshire Food Entrepreneurs Awards 2019 and the Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards 2019.

Now, the pair have opened a kombucha bar and bottle shop in Trinity Market, working closely with Kinoko Kombucha to offer visitors a new experience.

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly sparkling black or green tea drink, originating in China but becoming popular in Russia and eastern Europe for its believed health benefits, which include the easing of asthma, diabetes, diarrhoea, gout, insomnia and more.

Emma said: “We’re really excited to be bringing the first kombucha bar to Hull, and we think this is a drink that will be really popular, particularly as the weather warms up.

“Kombucha is a lightly sparkling, green tea-based drink which is delicious on its own but also pairs beautifully with the flavours of a good gin.

“When people don’t like a G&T, it’s often the tonic they don’t like, and Kinoko have developed a lovely range of kombucha with the subtle flavours that go so well with gin and other spirits.

“Although it’s made from tea, it actually tastes more like a refreshing and light fruit cider – but it’s non-alcoholic.”

Emma and Simon have recently supported the Viola Trust in their pledge to bring home an historic trawler currently abandoned in South Georgia.

Their Viola Gin is now available to buy, with proceeds going towards the cost to bring home a piece of Hull’s maritime history.

For further information about the kombucha bar and Hotham’s Gin, visit

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