HBP Systems employees discover what really makes them tick

By HBP Systems Ltd | Posted: 6 Jul 2018

Every employee at IT specialist HBP Systems is being help to understand themselves better with a profiling system introduced to support the company in its drive to be ‘best today and better tomorrow’.

People Director Lee Green said it made sense to support employees in whatever way possible, since the way they worked, both internally and with clients, underwrote the company’s success.

Said Lee: “Just as a medal-winning athlete uses a variety of techniques to bring themselves to the peak of fitness, we are trying to do the best for our employees to help them become the best they can be on any given day – on both professional and personal levels.”

The technique that’s been adopted is called ‘Print’, which is said to reveal ‘the why of you’. 

“Behind it all is the need to help people be more fulfilled, and to achieve their full potential by performing at their best at work and at home,” he said. 

“And it does that by helping us to understand what makes us tick. It peels back the layers and brings to the surface the ‘hidden drivers’ behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions,” said Lee. “They’re so hidden that we usually aren’t aware of them, but they’re revealed through this innovative technique. People answer a series of questions about themselves, and software analyses the answers. What it reveals takes people to the heart of why they behave as they do when certain things happen to them. What’s more, everyone can understand how their behaviour affects others, and vice-versa.”

Proof of the system’s potential is the way it has overcome deep cynicism about it in some employees, and been supportive of others at difficult times in their personal lives.

“There are no right or wrong answers in the Print process – but it really does get right to the heart of what makes an individual tick; and how they can be better at what they do every day. And since people are at the heart of HBP Systems, that makes HBP Systems stronger too,” he added.

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