Getting words to work for business is returning author's aim

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 25 Jul 2018

 PUBLISHER turned author Glenn Fisher has returned to his home town, as he looks to help make words work as hard for small businesses as the owners do. 

For more than a decade he was employed in the London office of one of the biggest financial publishers in the world, Agora, and now he is embarking on a long-held dream of writing freelance and enjoying a more relaxed life with his fiancée and dog back up north – while also promoting his soon-to-appear book.

Having returned to education to study creative writing at Franklin and Grimsby Institute, after starting a career with the council, he secured a role as a copywriter before becoming associate publisher in the City firm. 

Using his contacts he introduced a concept for a new book, and managed to strike a deal with the UK’s leading business and finance publisher, Harriman House.

The Art of the Click: How to Harness the Power of Direct-Response Copywriting, will be on the shelves in October, but he is keen to dispense the advice now.

Mr Fisher said: “Now I’m back in Grimsby, I’m very keen to get involved in the local business scene and I’m particularly interested in showing local businesses how the kind of copywriting I’m trained in could help their businesses. 

“I still write copy for Agora  – for the US, UK and Australian markets – but since moving back here, I also now write copy and content for a number of local businesses too. I’m also starting to coach and mentor copywriters.”

After school Mr Fisher worked for the local authority as an auditor, and describes how the ‘2.4 children, house, mortgage’ vision was heading his way. “Something went off in my mind, I wanted to write,” he said. “My family thought I was insane, but supported me, and my job in London also gave me the opportunity to realise you don’t have to work nine to five for someone else, you can earn money using this skill, and I learned the marketing side of it.”

From assessing departmental spend in municipal buildings, he was soon rubbing shoulders with millionaires. “I was in meetings with self-made guys, people I wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to meet in Grimsby. I learned there was this different option,” he said.

The book focuses on tangible ideas to get better. “My skill is a skill that doesn’t seem like one, but when you talk to people on a local level, give them five minutes of advice, you can see it can have an impact. I am very keen on practical advice. A lot of content out there is good, nice to read or snarky, but I think you have got to come away with an achievable piece of advice that you can put in place.”

An evening talk at Riverhead Coffee in Grimsby town centre is planned for next month – August 15 – on the back of pre-orders of the book with places limited to 20. He will also take The Art of the Click out on tour. He added: “It will be available in bookshops. My single aim is so my Nanna can see it in Waterstones and finally know I’m a writer!”

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