Free advice for businesses to focus on when things go wrong

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 11 Jun 2018

Would you know where to turn if things went wrong in your business? Is your business prepared if the worst were to happen?

Grimsby-based company rescue and insolvency specialist Forbes Burton will be giving out free business advice at a workshop taking place later this month and is urging business owners to come along.

Managing director Rick Smith and senior client manager Ben Westoby of Forbes Burton will be hosting the workshop on Friday, June 22 at The Business Hive in Grimsby from 9am to 11am.

The session will focus on business improvement and making business owners aware of how to stop things going wrong. The pair will also be giving advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that many others fall into while trying to own a successful, thriving business.

Mr Smith, pictured right, said: “The primary goal for business owners is to oversee the health of a business. Nobody likes to think about the things that could start to become a concern and although it’s great to be optimistic, there’s no denying that all too often things can and do go wrong.

“We don’t want business owners to feel like they have to shy away from this though. We’ve seen so many businesses facing problems and during the session we’ll be using real-life examples to guide our guests through ways to avoid similar situations, and what to do if faced with them.”

During the session guests will be able to take away useful information about the following:

  • Why it is imperative that you know your figures
  • How to make sure poor cashflow doesn’t impact your business
  • Why you should minimise borrowing whenever possible
  • Why you shouldn’t fall into the trap of using HMRC as a bank (most do!)
  • How to tell if your company is in trouble and needs help

To register for this free to attend event, visit the Freeman Street company's website.

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