Former airsoft arena to be converted into car storage facility

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 3 Apr 2019

A business has revealed plans to transform a former airsoft arena into a new car storage facility.

Humberston Motors has submitted plans to North East Lincolnshire Council, asking to change the use of the old Arena Airsoft Grimsby premises on King Edward Street.

The business, which specialises in the sale of used cars, says it is making the move after selling some of the properties it owned in Cleethorpes for storing vehicles.

Jeff Thomson, of Humberston Motors said: "As a business, we deal with the buying and selling of cars and need a premises to store them in.

"We have recently sold some of the premises that we owned in Cleethorpes and now we need somewhere new to store some of our vehicles that were at the old premises."

The 1,013 square foot building used to be the home of Arena Airsoft Grimsby, which moved to the former Odeon Cinema on Freeman Street last year.

Andy Jervis, owner of Arena Airsoft, before moving from King Edward Street to the former Odeon Cinema on Freeman Street

Its arena consisted of two main rooms, which had two huge multi-floored hand-made wooden structures in the centre of each, for players to run around and hide behind.

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Moving home at the end of last year, the owners, Andy Jervis and Kevin Brown, spent months building three new arenas for airsoft, laser rifles and Nerf guns inside the old cinema, giving each their own special theme.

The Nerf gun arena has been designed with a building block theme, complete with Nerf crossbows and a giant army tank, while the laser rifle area is based on the Alien sci-fi horror films.

The airsoft section is based in the main cinema theatre and has seen the owners re-create the structures from their old building into a huge climbing frame for people to do battle.

It features camouflage nets, winding staircases and sniper towers, along with a host of other hidden gems and a viewing area, so parents or visitors can keep an eye on the action that is taking place.

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Since opening the new location on Freeman Street, Andy said the centre had proven to be very popular, with the Nerf gun arena army tank quickly becoming a favourite among young warriors.

He says that they are looking at other ways to improve the former cinema,  looking at the possibility of installing escape rooms and even a café in what was once the cinema's main entrance.

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