Fears building 60 new homes in west Hull could trigger devastating floods like 2007

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 17 Jul 2018

Infuriated councillors and residents fear plans to build 60 homes on greenfield land in west Hull will trigger floods and recreate devastating scenes experienced in 2007.

A proposal has been submitted to Hull City Council’s planning committee by Hull-based Soper Group to build new houses and bungalows on land off Kendal Way.

The scheme will include a new road, improved drainage, open spaces and landscaping, according to a leaflet handed out by the construction firm based in Jenning Street.

Residents fear building homes will cause flooding

However, not everyone is convinced. Councillor Maria Coward has teamed up with fellow Boothferry ward councillors Alison Thompson and Suzanne Ince to send out a clear message of opposition to developers.

Cllr Coward, who recently opposed a development to build 166 homes off Calvert Lane, believes the empty green space will act as a “lagoon” which soaks up water during heavy rainfall.

She is convinced that building on the land will increase the risk of serious flooding, and she is worried about the floods of 2007 happening again if the development goes ahead.

Cllr Coward said: “Residents who live down there like that space and when they get heavy rainfall that land will take up the rain.

“We are due some rain and that pitch is a lagoon for that area now and it needs to stay that way.

Councillor Maria Coward fears a development could trigger floods in the area (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

“I am really worried about my ward and my residents. This is where I live and I don’t want this to go ahead so I will fight it and so will my colleagues.”

Cllr Coward is also worried about the council giving the green light to too many planning applications without considering residents’ views beforehand.

“They have got to listen to residents and the people they represent,” she said. “They are the administration but they wouldn’t be in that position were it not for the residents.

The councillors have teamed up to send out a strong message of opposition (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

“I work for the residents – not the administration – and they should do the same.”

Kerry Brown, 35, who lives in Kendal Way, only moved into her new home seven months ago. However, she has been told the terrible tales of 2007 and is therefore worried.

“I know the area was flooded really badly and we did go to the meeting the other day but it seems as if the new-builds will be protected from flooding but not us so we are concerned,” she said.

As stipulated in the leaflet handed out to residents, Soper Group is planning to improve drainage as part of the scheme.

The leaflet sent to residents by Soper Group ahead of the planned development

It has held a public consultation with residents to hear their views and is still planning to submit a planning application to the local authority.

A planning consultant for Soper Group said: “We have held a public consultation and we are going to take all the comments and views.

"We will be putting a planning application in later this year.”

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