Electric vehicle charging points could be coming to a Hull street near you

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 16 Nov 2017

Plans to roll out electric vehicle charging points across Hull are being examined by the city council.

The authority recently installed three charging points in Hanover Square, next to the Guildhall, for its own nine-strong fleet of electric cars.

It also has plans for another six for public use as part of the new £36m Hull Venue development in Myton Street in the city centre.

But officials are also looking at how and where charging points could eventually be installed in residential areas across the city as the use of electric vehicles grows.

One of the new charging points for city council electric vehicles near the Guildhall.

In London, some lamp posts are already being converted into charging points in areas with limited off-street parking.

In Oxford, a pilot project is also underway providing up to 100 plug-in points in residential areas.

Earlier this year the government announced its intention to phase out the use of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040.

However, some car makers are already investing heavily in new electric models.

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In July, Volvo said all of its new vehicles would be all-electric by the end of this decade.

Martin Budd, the city council's environment and climate change advisor, said: "There are a large number of residential properties in Hull which do not have off-street parking.

"Providing vehicle charging facilities in those type of areas will be a big challenge for us as a local authority.

"The are a range of issues to consider, from who is going to provide them to how they are actually going to be installed within a street."

Councillor Martin Mancey with managers from Trenton Nissan in Hull, suppliers of a new fleet of electric vans being used by the city council.

He told a council scrutiny meeting that pilot projects elsewhere involved street lights and even bollards being retro-fitted with charging points.

Councillors heard the council had so far only received one request for an on-street plug-in point in the city.

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But Mr Budd said he expected demand to grow.

"It's a bit of a chicken and egg situation because the number of electric vehicles is still very low.

"You have to balance putting something in against the fact it might sit there doing nothing for quite some time.

"That's why we are looking at trial points in the city centre.

"There are two reasons for that - more of our staff who use electric vehicles are based here and also they will meet the needs of visitors as well as people who work in the city centre.

Charging your car is set to be part of daily life in the future

"We will also be able to use data from these charge points to see how people are using them and how often.

"This whole issue is moving forward so quickly as the technology develops and how it all links with the National Grid in terms of demand and supply."

Councillor Martin Mancey, cabinet member for regeneration, said providing charging points in residential areas would be a huge challenge.

"You can't have people having wires trailing from their houses and across pavements to reach their car so more practical solutions have to be found.

"We always have to be careful that any system we might end up putting in does not become obsolete virtually overnight because technology has overtaken it."

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