Decision finally to be made on controversial Beverley housing plans - after two years

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 1 Mar 2019

Controversial Beverley housing plans could finally be decided two years after the scheme was submitted.

Central Land Holdings Ltd want permission to build 90 homes on land off Poplars Way despite fears over quarry blasting, town cemetery space and traffic.

The site is adjacent to the town’s Queensgate Cemetery and close to Queensgate Quarry, operated by Imerys Minerals Ltd.

Residents lodged a 112-name protest petition against the scheme, while Imerys Minerals Ltd warned there could be complaints over blasting at the quarry.

East Riding Council put the plans on hold last summer, until concerns about quarry blasting were looked into.

Councillor David Elvidge outside Imerys Minerals Ltd, on the outskirts of Beverley

Now, the planning application finally looks set to go back before councillors on March 29 for a decision.

East Riding ward Councillor David Elvidge says: “I have had complaints from residents about the amount of time that has been given to this planning application.

“They believe the applicants have been given as much time as possible to make it work, whereas residents have had their lives on hold for two years.

“There’s something wrong with the planning system when an application takes this long, I have great sympathy with residents.

“There’s a growing concern about the access through that estate, which was designed for a certain amount of traffic.

“To add another 90 houses and possibly 200 cars is not what is wanted really.

“One of the biggest concerns was raised by the quarry.

“Concerns were raised about the proximity of the proposed building and what the impact would be of blasting near the houses.”

Fears have also been raised over future burial space if the town’s Queensgate Cemetery is hemmed in by housing.

Beverley's Queensgate Cemetery, which could be hemmed in by housing(Image: Katie Pugh)

Cllr Elvidge says: “I have been informed by the council we do have sufficient plots for the next 10 to 20 years but I have concerns with the demographic.

“We do need that facility but I don’t believe it’s a planning matter. I just think it’s a need for Beverley, which needs that site.”

Objector Brian Hickling says: "People are concerned about increased traffic and the potential danger to children.

"Poplars Way is very narrow, with lots of cars parked along it. The increase in traffic would be horrendous, particularly for children going to and from school.

"The road to get in is very narrow and adjacent to a children's playing area.

"I think most people would prefer it to be refused.

"If it is approved, I do believe a lot of people would like it to be low-rise bungalows for older people because Beverley has an ageing population."

The application, which was lodged in February 2017, is expected to go before East Riding Council’s planning committee on March 29.

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