Cost Effective Lease Options for Business Printers and Copiers from KRL Group

By KRL Group Limited | Posted: 4 Dec 2017

Print leasing solutions with KRL Group Ltd gives you the flexibility to refresh your technology with the latest, up-to-date and innovative devices at an affordable payment plan. Our print leasing solutions ensure that your business has the best office equipment to stay competitive and productive. It helps you to upgrade your office printers and office photocopiers to the most current devices, saving you costly maintenance expenses and keeping your businesses workflow afloat – whilst keeping to the same, regular and affordable payment plan.

Benefits of lease finance, easy as 1,2,3:

1 - GET THE BUSINESS PRINTER AND COPIER SOLUTIONS YOU NEED WITHOUT THE COMPROMISE - Don't let cash flow restrict or compromise the solution your business needs. Leasing lets you invest in what your business really needs and boosts your annual purchasing power.

2 - FLEXIBLE REPAYMENTS - Regular, predictable, manageable payments for the lift time of the contract. Flexible end of term options, retain, augment or upgrade.

3 - PAY A FLAT FEE FOR EVERYTHING - Our leasing solutions can cover the cost of assets plus any implementation and ongoing fees, all within the same regular repayment.

KRL's payment and funding options are an easy way to purchase new business printers, photocopiers, software and apps that will improve efficiency within your business.

Printer Lease – Budgeting

Printer lease allows accurate budgeting, instead of paying one lump sum payment, leasing offers affordable, fixed, manageable payments. Plus, payments made through a lease arrangement come with fixed interest rates, so you can plan for lease payments in advance.

Printer Lease – Tax Efficient

Printer Leasing can reduce your overall tax bill, as the cost is deductible as a business expense reducing the net cost of leasing the equipment. Plus, all payments are spread across the repayment period and includes a low initial cost with fixed interest rates, which allows accurate budgeting.

Printer Lease – High-Spec Tech

Printer leasing gives more freedom for up to date office equipment, important with printers and copiers, to be installed as required, less affected by budget restraints. Importantly, it allows you to take advantage of technology improvement at a time of your choosing and at a reasonable cost. Our print leasing solutions ensure that your business has the best office equipment to stay competitive and productive.

Printer Lease - Flexible Payment

Printer lease is a flexible finance option with a wide range of choice available for deposit amounts, repayment amounts and the regularity of repayments. Payments can also be matched to a seasonal income cycle, plus all agreements come with fixed interest rates without the large deposit normally associated with outright purchase.

If you are looking for fiance options for your business printer or copiers have a look at our finance options on our website.

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