Connexin's war on pollution as worrying report shows Hull worse than London

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 17 Apr 2019

New smart sensors which will monitor the air pollution in some of Hull’s busiest places are to be installed.

Tech firm Connexin said it hopes the findings of its survey will help improve quality of life and health in the city.

It comes after a worrying report found air pollution in Hull is worth than in other major cities including London.

Furqan Alamgir, CEO and founder at Connexin, said: “The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution.

“In our view, that’s 4.6 million too many. As a company focused on building smarter infrastructure and healthier communities, we’re fortunate to have access to cutting edge sensor and Lorawan technology.

“We felt we had a duty to act. We will be deploying sensors to collect and integrate air quality information with machine learning algorithms and cloud-based data analytics to deliver truly actionable air quality data to transform our understanding of air pollution and how best to tackle it.”

Furqan Alamgir (right) and Alex Yeung of Connexin

Sensors will be fitted across the city, in the areas of most activity.

They will collect real-time information on the quality of air at different times of air.

Using Connexin’s existing LoRaWAN network – which has the capability to connect the internet to objects including rubbish bins, traffic lights and car parks – the sensors will then feed data back to a hub where it can be displayed on a map.

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Connexin hopes to use the findings to better understand the current air pollution dilemma, to drive improvements in air quality and to position Hull as a centre of excellence in the field.

The company plans to deploy air quality sensors across all areas of the city.

A new study has found Hull has worse pollution than London (Getty Images)

The first installations will be near areas of high occupancy, such as schools, hospitals, major road networks and high streets.

Connexin also scooped a prestigious smart city award in January, for its futuristic work to transform a street in Newcastle.

The technology, trialled in Mosley Street in Newcastle, has a range of features – including helping drivers find parking spaces, monitoring traffic levels, analysing air pollution levels and even showing when rubbish bins are full and need emptying.

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Connexin fought off stiff competition last week to win Smart City Deployment of the Year at the Internet of Things Breakthrough Awards.

In doing so, the Hull firm joined tech giants such as Samsung, Toshiba, Vodafone and Sony in collecting awards.

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