Classic car-lovers set to battle with dust and rust

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 14 Sep 2018

A pair of classic car enthusiasts have launched a business with a mission to rescue vintage models from rusting away in gardens, garages and driveways.

Kim Bettis and Andrew Thorpe both share a love for vintage cars, but have now turned their passion into work following the launch of Dust ‘n’ Rust.

The new venture, based at the Lake Enterprise Park in east Hull, rescues cars from barns, fields and garages to sell on as restoration projects.

It also stocks a variety of popular classic car parts, in a bid to keep as many old cars on the roads as possible.

Ms Bettis said: “We have both always loved classic cars. Modern cars don’t do anything for us at all, we call them plastic cars.

“The problem with modern cars is, if they break down, we cannot fix them anymore. They have to be taken to a garage.

“With classic cars, all the parts come off and on easily, and you can look after them yourself.

“When you see a classic car on the road, you can see it is looked after and appreciated, whereas people often wait three or four months before they consider washing and cleaning their new car.”

Kim Bettis

Dust ‘n’ Rust works with cars that were built before and up to 1980.

The duo are currently working on a pair of Morris Minors and two classic Triumph vehicles.

Ms Bettis said they had also rescued a 1933 Ford Model Y, which was for sale on eBay, but would be keeping it as a promotional model.

“We have been open for two months now, and the first period of business has been interesting to say the least,” she said.

“We are in a small unit and have sold a couple of cars so far, so we are hoping to get some more cars in and get them back on the roads.

“We are not a vehicle restorer, we are just a pair of classic car-lovers who are trying to do our bit.”

Dust ‘n’ Rust also stocks a variety of car parts, from distributors and brakes to headlamps and old manuals.

Classic cars still attract a strong community of enthusiasts and it is hoped the new east Hull business will help support car owners to keep their vehicles in service.

“Classic cars take people back to when you did not have a lot of money, and you saved up for a long time to get a car,” Kim said.

“Because they were so expensive, you looked after them and made sure they lasted a long time.

“Today, cars don’t last as long and people replace them so much faster than they used to.”

Dust ‘n’ Rust is on the Lake Enterprise Park in east Hull.

For more information,  call the company on 07734 698518.

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