Caravan builder Victory celebrates landmark first in industry

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 18 Dec 2018

East Yorkshire caravan manufacturer Victory Leisure Homes has achieved a landmark first in its industry.

The Gilberdyke-based caravan maker has become the first in the UK to be granted the coveted ISO 45001 status for its health and safety work.

The award comes on the back of a gruelling 14-month rebuild of the company’s procedures.

Victory was inspected by UK standards body BSI Group, and now join just a handful of British companies that hold the ISO status.

Gary Corlyon, director of operations at Victory Leisure Homes, said the achievement had been made more impressive by the fact the company had never undertaken an ISO award before.

“Most companies who go for ISO 45001 will already have ISO 9001 so know the framework they have to work to,” Mr Corlyon said.

Peter Nevitt, MD at Victory Leisure Homes

“We didn’t have this so had nothing to compare the process to. Once we’d applied to do the accreditation, an external person came in to audit our processes and take us through the mandatory regulations we had to meet.

“I recognised at that point it was going to be a big undertaking, but one we knew was worth embarking on because it would make our working environment safer.”

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Mr Corlyon described the process as a ‘cultural step’ which has seen the company move from a position of uncertainty about its health and safety requirements to a strong culture of safety across the whole of the business.

Victory Leisure Homes was founded in 2009.

The company has since grown to employ around 160 people, producing more than 1,000 caravans every year.

The business outgrew its original home in Hull, and is now based at a purpose-built factory in Gilberdyke.

Mr Corlyon said: “One of the most important aspects of the standard is meeting the statutory requirements and actually demonstrating those. It is not good enough just to talk about them.

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“For example, the senior team in the business needed to explicitly demonstrate leadership and communication and how they are implementing these.

“But underpinning all of this is the simple proposition that people deserve to come to work and go home safely, so if you start from that standpoint, the rest falls into place.

“Going through the process has brought some real benefits to the business. Accidents and near misses are both down and it has become a happier place to work."

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