Brill! Seafood Week is here again!

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 6 Oct 2017

SEAFOOD Week 2017 is underway.

The eight-day campaign, specially formulated to take in TWO traditional fish-on-the-menu Fridays, is spearheaded by Grimsby-based industry authority Seafish, and designed to encourage people to buy, cook and taste seafood more often.

It is a promotion that has brought sales spikes in previous years, and with 70 per cent of UK consumed seafood processed in the area, it is warmly welcomed on the Humber.

Research has shown that 72 per cent of UK adults aren’t aware of the recommendation to eat two portions of fish per week, one of them oily.  According to Seafish, this, coupled with many misconceptions around cost, variety and ease of cooking, may be stopping people from enjoying what the sea has to offer.

Using Seafish’s consumer platform, Fish is the Dish, Seafood Week aims to show that no matter the budget, time or location, seafood is always a healthy, delicious and simple option.

While in the beating heart of the processing sector, Humber Seafood Summit will be held, uniting business leaders, consumer insight providers and environmental advocates to share information on latest trends, best practice and horizon scan. 

It has been an interesting 12 months, with concerns over Icelandic fishing strikes and Brexit impact on the labour force in the cluster, balanced by North Sea cod returning to sustainability and hope for a resurgence in British fleets once the EU's Common Fisheries Policy's control is diminished.  All will no doubt be covered at The Pier, Cleethorpes, as 200 delegates unite at an event for which is an official media partner.

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Kicking off the week, and back by popular demand, the eagerly awaited 2017 Fish Pun Day launches today on Twitter. The very best puns will be shared far and wide, using #fishpunday, and followers will also be treated to some special Fish Pun Day movie themed animations.

Seafish’s marketing manager Heather Middleton said: "Seafood Week is all about reminding people about the quality and variety of fish and shellfish we have on offer in the UK. We’re lucky to have a fantastic range of wonderful seafood available throughout the year.

“It’s our mission to make sure everyone knows what’s out there and encourage more people to eat more fish more often.  Fish tastes great, is easy to cook and prepare, and is very good for your health.  We hope that as many people as possible get involved, either by joining in with us on Twitter for Fish Pun Day, by giving a different type of fish a whirl for dinner, or by deciding to try fish for the first time.”

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Restaurants, fishmongers, fish and chip shops, supermarkets, and all sorts of other businesses involved in seafood will be taking part in the eight-day celebration. Across the UK, companies will be hosting special events, running competitions, and offering discounts to customers. There will also be a series of educational events taking place in schools across the country, making young people aware of the health benefits of eating seafood.

For more information about individual events, visit

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